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A cute airport, an airport disaster

Today was  mostly spent exploring the world heritage city of  CarcassonneCarcassonne_IMG_1618_d.JPG

The morning started as so many others here this year since mid June, grey and a chilly 13 C with spots of rain.

The prime task was to take my friend Suki to Carcassonne airport for a Ryanair flight to Stanstead.

Secondary was for Michael Baker and I to explore Carcassonne and or drive down to the Med.

Carcassonne airport was easily found  thanks to my Tomtom GPS which chose to break with it’s usual form and work properly.

The drive taking us about 1 hr.45 in more traffic than usual but not what you would call heavy traffic if you normally drive in England.
Carcassone airport is very small, some what quaint, almost like a a miniature, a model of a larger airport it certainly makes airports like Plymouth seem very sophisticated.

Incidentally is it true Plymouth airport is to close with out a replacement and become a housing estate?

Plymouth would have to be insane not to fight ‘tooth and nail’ for their airport.

It is not the worth of the revenue per passenger that counts for a place like Plymouth, rather what some of the passengers are worth in over all business terms to the region.
One passenger could be worth a 1,000 new jobs so close Plymouth airport at your peril…

Carcassonne airport has a certain charm.

The control tower reminded me of Biggin Hill and control towers I saw when (younger) boy.

Fais_les_beaux_reves__IMG_1538.JPG Suki (who claims I am aged 6…) would brighten any day fortunately for Michael Baker and I by the time Suki was on her way to see her friends in England the sun was appearing.

hence our decision was to lunch in Carcassonne then see how we felt about exploring this ancient 12 and 13th century city.

After a very relaxed two and a half lunch under sun shades, no where special, just a restaurant chosen at random with in the centre of the ancient city Michael and i set about exploring in earnest.

MB_at_Carcassonne_IMG_1594_d.JPG The city was as you would expect in August very crowded mostly with families which rather added to the atmosphere.

What is the potential here for a well run gallery???

We were not disappointed by historic Carcassonne, not unpleasantly crowded, not to steeply set to walk around, not to much to see and explore, just enough, just like baby bear’s porridge, just right – in our opinion.

Recommended, visit and make up your own mind!