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Wood from the trees

Today is market day at Castelnau de Montmiral.

Michael Baker and I recommenced work following a leisurely start to the day including shopping and a coffee.

We are beginning the task of pulling together a plan which has become known as “The Grand Plan“, a rather Napoleonic title that also carries in our view a hint of Wallis and Grommit which will help keep us realistic and light hearted.

We began today following and a conversation inspired by the painting “The Promenade”. FR_land_18.05.10_IMG_7519_d.jpg


I had mentioned this picture was deliberately visionary, the trees exaggerated with the writings of J R Tolkin in mind.

This lead to an exchange of ideas including developing the ‘French’ landscape section of the web site in an entirely new direction, away from the focus on colour vision and the artist, presenting the works other qualities in a more literally fantastic manner because they are in part fantasies.

The Grand Plan is coming into being for many reasons and to cover many eventualities which can in part be summed up by saying I have gone as far as one artist / artisane can alone.

Now to take the work further the artist needs a team who must be professionals and adequately leading we hope to well paid.

The artist needs more time for his core activities, fewer distractions to enable him to give of his best, while “The Art of Gordon Frickers” does not need selling it needs marketing.

To move on efficientlyThe Art of Gordon Frickers” must become a $£business£$, probably a limited company with investors who are passionate about the arts, appreciate the risks and stand to make  substantial returns if as we think we can, we get the formula right.

More over the ‘formula’ will once proven be transferable to help other artists.

Some of this course will be charted on this blog in the next few weeks…