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A looooong Commission and Goldilocks

Following a busy day with Michael Baker loooong time friend and my web master, working on the web site and ‘The Grand Plan‘, the latter being a plan for the way ahead post the exhibition at the European Parliament last May, Michael and we took a drive out into the forests to see a client. Puycelci_IMG_1641_d.JPG

En route we passed bastide strong hold of Puycelci.

My client has asked for a looooong picture, 2940 x 68 cms, to fit over their fire place.

The picture will show a view we occasional have from this part of the Tarn.

When the weather is like baby bear’s porridge, ‘just right’, some times, of an early morning or late evening we can see, about 100 miles away, the marching chain of mountains known as the Pyrenees.

Consequently, a great idea, why not have a sun set painting in the lounge of the distant Pyrenees?

Photographs taken for the fore ground details, Michael and I were soon under way again with Puycelci again in our sights.

Michael had never seen Puycelci before today.

This 13th century village was built on orders of the Count of Toulouse as one of a chain of fortifications on the Northern boarder of his vast lands.

To keep out the northern barbarians.

That was the Plantagenets and French… – nothing to do with the English we hastily tell out French and Tarnias friends…

When I first saw Puycelci some 20 years ago most of the village was derelict.

Today the village is largely restored mostly under the guidance of English, Dutch and N Americans seeking second homes.

The heart of the village has gone, few children play in the streets, few working people live at remote Puycelci nevertheless the village has become a charming retreat with spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and forests particularly worth an evening visit t watch the sun set and eat on the terrace of at Le Roc Cafe or Le Bistro.

Even at this time of year, we don’t get a lot of tourists in the Tarn,  parking is easy at Puycelci thus an evening stroll and a few beers at a bistro watching he sun set was order of the evening.

Does life get better than that?