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Festive season and The Grand Plan.

At Castelnau de Montmiral the national holiday and festive continues with a special fiore de miel (market) all day in the village, the best I have seen here for local products and an evening meal under a full moon, all very popular and attracting more tourists than I have seen before in one day in this village.  Marche_IMG_1705_d.JPG

MB_working_IMG_1715_d.JPG Meanwhile it is all work work work here as Michael Baker, you can see here how hard he is working, finger on the touch pad,  and I brace up the web site, new home page, new Print gallery page – easier to use, and chase down many other details not least of which is furthering “The Grand Plan“.

The Grand Plan = a way forward for The Art of Gordon Frickers.

I have gone as far as i can as an individual artist thus can continue with more of the same or look for more effective ways to market The Art of Gordon Frickers and the brand names Frickers and Fricks.

CdM_IMG_1716_d.JPG CdM_IMG_1719_d.JPG