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The credit squeeze, how best to pay?

What did we the normal people of Europe do to deserve this?   ~    We protest!

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On a wider canvas, we see both the British and French governments are squeezing us normal working folk in a most unimaginative unelected way and not addressing fundamental issues.
Too many are questions left unresolved.

While the bulk of the ‘public’ money may be raised by taxing the wealthy and larger businesses (at least in France where some of the richest have offered to pay more tax, yes publicly offered, not in GB), this still hits the less well off relatively hard in respect to % of their income = a rise in cigarette and alcohol prices, yet again…
To name a few more issues:
We see devaluation and inflation used to squeeze the less well off and positively poor while easing the National dept they did nothing to make.

Nothing on encouraging energy and resource saving, recycling, and sustainability in general.
How about encouraging businesses to take on staff and especially to export outside Europe? – France is a long way behind GB in this!
Why did the French government only pick on fizzy drinks and increased VAT on theme parks?

If you want to place a tax on children, better to add import taxes on children’s toys thus encouraging home production and better quality, better to adjust the tax in favour of educational toys not the mind numbing play stations and similar noneducational mind dumbing toys.

So drole, my generation were told don’t read the ‘Eagle’ or ‘Beano’, later ‘2001’ was off limits, hells bells those and their like  look positively intellectual beside the current generation of electronic brain blockers.
Why not look at what is essential in 21st century life and tax more the non essentials?
These latest tax initiatives (major misnomer there!)  might do the job.

I doubt it because it fails to address the longer term issues.
Bottom line is increased world wide demand for materials and energy, increased competition to sell adds to meaning no return to the way things were

Only 4 things in life are certain, birth, taxes, death and change.

Brace yourself.

A chance missed by our leaders, again.

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