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Ben Ainslie at the Sydney Olympic Games

For the London 2012 Olympic Committee yesterday I was working with the Relations Publique de Gallaicsois  and was working on the presentation.Ben_Ainslie__Sydney_Olympics_IMG_0768_d.JPG

The basic reason is it is time to sell the splendid action portrait of the Olympic gold medal winner Ben Ainslie.


Painted in 2000 with the full co operation of Ben Ainslie and Restronguet Sailing Club, the club were Ben learnt to sail,  the original intention was to produce prints to as Ben Ainslie said “put something back into sailing“.

To that end I obtained a licence from the British Olympic Association.

A licence from the British Olympic Association was vital for 2 reasons.

The BOA is the only charity who’s copyrights are protected by act of Parliament and with them we wished to market the prints.

Unfortunately the deal fell through partly because the printer messed up, partly because my life was passing through its darkest hours.

More recently the painting of Ben Ainslie has been re worked here in France and Ben has gone on to win 3 more gold medals and is on track for a possible 5th at the London Games.

We are looking to interest the committee in paintings of all the winning sailors and have a special way f doing this based on the very successful prizes I painted for the Rolex Swan Nautor European Regattas some years ago for Yachting World.

If the London people are not interested in our proposal and the painting the plan is to offer it for auction in London via one of the leading Marine Painting Auction houses.


This morning I drove down hill to Gaillac.

The vale was shrouded in sheets of pink and mauve mists.

The objective was not so charming.

A blood test by the end of which some 6 capsules of blood, half and arm full had been extracted from the reluctant donor.

My blood group is rare, B RH negative.

The question is what is in it? According to Dr Chaucot and my research online I probably have stomach ulcers with a 4 % chance of serious complications.

For sure the side effects are becoming steadily more pronounced since my collapse at Monaco which may have been an ulcer rupturing.

We should have the results tomorrow.

Out tonight, Anglo French evening, cultural and language exchanges, fun and educational.