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Going for Gold

A flagship and for a while forgotten painting of the renowned Olympic sailor Ben Ainslie is up for sale.   Ben_Ainslie___going_for_gold___IMG_2443_d.JPG

The painting can also serve to introduce ‘The Art of Gordon Frickers’ to some leading galleries and auction houses; which one will seize the opportunity to sell this unique picture?

Paintings of dinghy sailing are rare, portraits of famous sailors rarer, a  painting licensed by the British Olympic Association, probably utterly unique.

For further information read on or phone Frickers –

(UK) 01865 522435 (International: +44 1865 522435)

(France) 05 63 40 72 25 (International +33 5 63 40 72 25)

The painting “Going for Gold” shows Ben Ainslie on his way to winning the first of 3 successive Olympic Gold medals. – “Going for Gold” – 762 x 1016 mm (30″ x 40″)


This picture was produced under license with the special permission of the British Olympic Association.

Ben Ainslie is one of Britain’s most renowned high profile living sailors.

He continues to build a distinguished career

Gordon Frickers is a highly experienced and respected marine artist who has worked with some of the British Olympic squad and the British Olympic Association.

Gordon is the only marine artist to have been invited to exhibit at The European Parliament (May 2011).

He was commissioned for a series of paintings for HMS Victory, and has produced several significant works depicting this famous ship and the Nelsonian subjects. trafalgar_french_print_d.jpg

Illustrated here, Trafalgar dawn the French Perspective, painted in 2010, exhibited in Brussels, the original is available at the time of writing as are signed numbered copies.

Gordon Frickers has featured in many journals this year including Sea Breezes and Warships IFR.

His “Roaring Forties” was recently described by Dick Durham (Yachting Monthly) as “iconic”.

Putting something back” – Ben and Gordon agreed as sailors who have benefited from the RYA / BOA system, they wish a significant percentage of the sale price to be donated to the BOA.

This picture was produced under license with the special permission of the British Olympic Association who by act of Parliament has exclusive copyright to all images pertaining to the British in any Olympic Games.

We have a limited permission to reproduce this image in support of Gordon Frickers work.

Ben Ainslie and Gordon Frickers co-operated closely to produce this unique Olympic Games action portrait of Ben Ainslie at the Sydney Olympic Games in a Laser sail boat on his way to win his first of 4 gold medals for sailing.

Ben Ainslie besides winning 4 successive Olympic Gold medals is on course for a 5th in 2012 and if successful equals Paul Elvstrom the “Great Dane”, considered the all time best Olympic sailor. Sailing is more competitive today than in Elvstrom’s time, may hold the modest Ainslie in awe! Ainslie was elected ISAF World Sailor of the Year in 1998, 2002 and 2008.

Quote from Sir Robert Knox-Johnston:

“From a very happy owner of an original Gordon Frickers painting” (The iconic “Roaring Forties”)

Quote from letter to Mr Andrew Bray, Editor of Yachting World:

“I have won a few prizes in my short racing career, but I can assure you this will be the one I treasure most. Please convey my appreciation to the artist (Gordon Frickers) and once again my sincere thanks to you and your organisation for such a wonderful prize” M. J. Leadbeater.

Quote from “Sea Breezes”: (long established world wide magazine of ships and the sea)

“We are delighted to report that Frickers was uniquely invited to exhibit at The European Parliament 23rd– 26th May 2011.  The exhibition titled “Life on the Ocean Wave” included many of Frickers most significant works…..

…..Frickers is the only artists who is a member of The British Marine Federation, and Superyacht UK”


We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to review other painting by this versatile artist, marine painting embracing many subjects and in particular his less known vibrant  landscapes.




Typical Press story: The Mail on line wrote: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/olympics/article-2019087/London-2012-Olympics-Yachtsman-Ben-Ainslie-Britains-modern-day-Steve-Redgrave.html

Yachtsman Ben Ainslie is Britain’s modern-day Steve Redgrave. In his final Olympics, prepare for the sail of the century.

I was here to study at close quarters what makes our helmsman — Ben Ainslie CBE, winner of three Olympic gold medals and one silver — a phenomenon as worthy of admiration as anyone in contemporary sport.

He may not be mobbed in Regent Street but he is the principal celebrity — a description he would thankfully detest — in any yachting town. ‘I never have and don’t suppose I ever will have to go through what somebody like Lewis Hamilton or David Beckham goes through,’ he said.

Determined to win a fourth gold in London — a feat that would leave him behind only Sir Steve Redgrave in British Olympic history for the level of success accrued over a span of 16 years.

‘There is this fear-of-losing thing,’ he said. ‘It’s competing for something you set out to achieve and not wanting to fail. It’s the same as A-level students who go out to get three A’s and work their arses off. They don’t want to come up short. Over and above that, this is a competition, so you don’t want to be beaten by guys who are younger than you or who you think you should be beating.’

That is the essential Ben Ainslie.