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Norway ex France, into print?

We have had several enquiries for a print of the beautiful painting

Norway” (ex France) departing Miami

Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Lines

I have attached here a link to my web site page http://frickers.co.uk/marine-art/norway_miami.html
I still own the original, no reasonable offer refused!
As I understood this original enquiry we were discussing making a heritage quality print form the painting so the prices I quoted were based on that.
A new painting would cost more than a print.
A neat inexpensive alternative would be to produce the print for you and include a remarque, an original drawing in the margin based on one of your photos.
I am very interested to read the people interested have photos from the last cruise.
I’d love to see them, she was a beautiful ship.
I know what they mean by, already not many people remember Norway.
I’ve had the same experience with cargo ships and square riggers.
When I started to paint full time I was often commissioned by people who knew those ships, today it is a rare event; time passes the world changes, ce la vie…
On a more positive note, I find a lot of people in France when they see my painting of “Norway” remember and speak fondly of “France“.
I think if I’d changed the painting into “France” I’d have sold the original long ago!
However this particular painting is quite personal in as much as I painted an interpretation of what I witnessed one beautiful morning at Government Cut, Miami.