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The Great Campaign to Save Lives At Sea

Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater, The clipper “Samuel Plimsoll” loading emigrants was painted in memory of a great man, Samuel Plimsoll and is available in print from this web site.  Emigaration__Plymouth_Cattewater_IMG_0644_10.03.11_d.JPG

‘The Sailor’s Friend’, a national hero in his lifetime, first president of the National Union of Seamen and saviour of countless lives as the man who gave his name to the Plimsoll Line.

For many years Plimsoll Day, 10th February, was celebrated throughout Britain (15 towns have streets named after him).

Plimsoll is recognised in Bristol, his birthplace, but his later years were spent in Folkestone, and he is buried in the churchyard at St Martin’s Church, Cheriton.

There is a local move to recognise him properly in the town, beginning with a commemoration this time next year at the church beside his grave, and in the hope of setting up a campaign to erect a statue of Plimsoll in Folkestone.

You can find out more via  LinkedIn about the  the Folkestone Plimsoll Memorial Campaign group.