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Ship's cat and boat therapy

Following the painting of Titanic which appeared in Fairplay, 8th March and will be in the next edition of Sea Breezes, I am making some progress with my boat…? removing fittings and some of the varnish/epoxy.
You may notice in the attached photo, ‘Ship’s Cat’, much of the horrid ruined material has been removed?Ship__s_cat_IMG_3031_wp.JPG

Much bad material remains to be removed.
Previous owners were very negligent…
However we begin to see the beauty of the wood revealed.
There is still a very long way to go before the boat is ready to be re fitted however she already looks much happier.
Beautiful weather here does help, 22 C today.

I continued to strip the old varnish and epoxy when ever I have a little spare time and the weather is inviting.

The task is hard on the hands, very dusty and a very slow job requiring patience and persistence however it is a pleasure.

There are few problems with the wood work.

Fortunately the boat was originally built 33 years ago at South East Boat Builders Ltd of Rye, East Sussex with very high quality materials, the best of everything.

The only serious issue is the centerboard case plywood which is seriously rotten so I have to find  a small quantity of Brunzeel plywood, but where?

A new centerboard case will have to be made and fitted.

Getting the old case out will be a challenge.

The work is getting me fitter.

I discover I still have ‘boat builder’ instincts, and I am rebuilding ‘sailing muscules’.

Good, I am a sea man, I have been going soft in SW France.

I call this work ‘boat therapy’.

I have booked a trip to England with my car in April and May  27th April and 17th May.
I expect to collect some Brunzeel plywood and other materials while in England although the main purpose of the visit will be to arrange exhibitions with several galleries and at HMS Nelson and have many paintings framed.

In the studio having painted “Titanic” and I am now working on HMS Pickle and the frigate Hermione.
The next will be “Batavia” after which a series of new landscapes of famous places.