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Studio News Letter 16

An artist’s news letter from Gordon Frickers, July 2012

This newsletter is for friends and people interested in The Art of Gordon Frickers.

Your news is always welcome, here is a little of my news…

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This newsletter is for friends and people interested in The Art of Gordon Frickers.

Your news is always welcome, here is a little of my news…

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Olympic Edition, it’s been a busy mostly nautical year since our last newsletter  First_Gold_B_Ainslie_IMG_3139_wp.JPG

  • The Olympic paintings and drawings and splendid yachting paintings of the Solent area now are available via The Coastal Gallery at Lymington.
  • Our pay in instalment scheme is increasingly popular as is payment bank to bank.
  • The blog (www.frickers.co.uk/blog) and RSS now covers most of the news as it happens or more truly, soon after.
  • Better news is 12/13 is already much improved on 2010/11.


I am delighted to report the latest commission will be of the 38’ Cornish lugger  ‘Spirit of Mystery’ in the Southern Ocean for the very renowned sailor Pete Goss who said he thinks ‘Roaring Forties’ is the only painting to capture the big Southern Ocean seas.


Fine paintings take inspiration, time and knowledge.

Yours could be the next commission.

Many of you are clients or prospective clients, others have generously contributed, sincerely I thank you for helping, for your encouragement, for your purchases, all are vital.


If any of the following is useful in one of your news letters, personal or business, feel, free to reproduce it or if needed, ask for further info.

All we ask is that you attribute the article to Gordon Frickers and provide link to our website – http://www.frickers.co.uk


All our contact details are always shown on our web site page contact us



  • The London Olympics
  • New in print
  • New paintings
  • A significant step foreword
  • The single biggest news
  • Exhibitions and Galleries
  • A base in Plymouth
  • All these


The London Olympic Games:

Ben Ainslie won his first gold medal at Sydney 2000 and soon after we worked together to produce an Olympic series under contract to the British Olympic Association.

Today 2 of those unique irreplaceable paintings of the young Ben Ainslie and some of the sketches can be viewed (and bought) at The Coastal Gallery Lymington (http://www.coastal-gallery.co.uk/page4.htm).

The Brownston Gallery at Modbury (http://www.thebrownstongallery.co.uk) also has some of the sketches.

Ben Ainslie is undisputedly and deservedly Britain’s most successful Olympic sailor having won an awesome number of medals and numerous events outside the Olympics, a fine man and great ambassador for the sport.




New in print


‘Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater’ – shows by moonlight, the crack clipper Samuel Plimsoll loading. Emigration__Plymouth_Cattwater_14.09.10_IMG_8532_wp.jpg

We have a fascinating story to go with this painting.

‘Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective’ – complements the awesome ‘Trafalgar Dawn the view from HMS Victory at 06.05, Monday 21st October 1805’ – The new picture shows entirely new information and is the result of literally years of patient research. Trafalgar_Dawn_the_French_Perspective_IMG_1273_wp.JPG

The Trafalgar Dispatch, Dawn, HMS Pickle off Mounts Bay’ – How the momentous news from Trafalgar first arrived in England is a matter of some dispute!  HMS_Pickleoff_Mounts_bay_with__the_Trafalgar_despatch_IMG_3988_wp.JPG

HM Schooner Pickle approaching the Lizard’ – already an acclaimed painting this picture is intended to compliment the iconic ‘I have Urgent Dispatches’.  HMS_Pickle__approaching_The_Lizard_with_The_Trafalgar_despatch____IMG_3994_wp.JPG

New ground breaking research brings you the most accurate portrayal of Pickle to date and an entertaining story.


All are fine additions to any collection; you can ask for details or order from our web site.




New paintings


Don’t miss seeing (https://frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/war-ships/) the amazing ‘Nelson at Gibraltar’ and be sure to make time to read up on this picture.  Nelson_at_Gibraltar_IMG_4023_wp.JPG

2 new ground breaking studies of the schooner that carried the Trafalgar dispatches (http://www.frickers.co.uk/blog/2012/04/16/3945/) ‘The Trafalgar despatch HMS Pickle off Mounts bay’ and ‘HMS Pickle approaching the Lizard’ and the surprising ‘Nelson’s Bright Yellow’ (https://frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/nelsons-bright-yellow/).

Each of these important paintings results in part from new research and comes complete with fascinating ‘further reading’.

Other recent new paintings included the companion piece to “Trafalgar Dawn”, the opposite view so one looks into the other, “Trafalgar dawn the French Perspective” and “Pirates, the golden galleon”. Pirates__The_golden_galleon_IMG_3990_wp.JPG


As you read this a painting of the ‘Hermione’ is almost complete.

This ship is in herself an amazing story which will run for years.

‘La frégate de liberté’ built as a full size replica of the frigate of Lafayette. Hermione was floated on the 6th of July this year.

The original ship supported the fleet that significantly helped the Americans win independence.

This ship, an international project, was built to revitalise Rochefort sur Mer.

When the French have had their fun sailing her she will be presented to the people of the U.S.A. as a second symbol of liberty and French American friendship.




A significant step foreword to more effective communication has been achieved so good news for our prospective clientele, for those who have and will have examples as investments of The Art of Gordon Frickers.

We have completed a major task on the web site, moving all to a Word press base so at last it is content manageable meaning I or (you if we gave you passwords) can edit text and change pictures quickly so do enjoy checking it out.

Kindly give us your impressions and if you spot glitches please let us know.




The single biggest news of my year was the good fortune to be invited to exhibit at the European Parliament, Brussels May 2011.

Very few artists are invited in a year, rarer still British artists.

Gordon Frickers is the first marine artist to have been invited.

I showed my versatility with 35 pictures mostly marine in what proved to be a beautiful memorable exhibition in impressive surroundings.

This distinction goes a long way to provide a memorable answer to the question ‘who?’

An answer we can all give with pride.

We produced a full colour booklet, a guide for the occasion, “Life on the Ocean Wave”, ISBN 0 – 978-0-9569109-0-5.

Only 1000 were printed and we still have a few left if you would like a copy.

The exhibition came about in part because of the print “HMS Formidable, 1942, Seafires returning”.

While most of our clients buy because they love the work, the honour and recognition has undoubtedly reassured dealers and potential clients that the Art of Gordon Frickers represents a sound appreciating investment.

The event was also instrumental in an invitation to become a Winsor and Newton featured artist.

This state of the art company has been making artist’s paints since 1820, supplying great names including a hero of mine, J.M.W. Turner.


Significant publicity has included generous features in Sea Breezes and Warships International Fleet Review,


We can send you FREE the PDF’s if you would like copies.




Exhibitions and Galleries

At the time of writing new to show The Art of Gordon Frickers are The Coastal Gallery Lymington (http://www.coastal-gallery.co.uk/page4.htm), Saltram House Gallery Plymouth (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/saltram/ ) and The Brownston Gallery at Modbury (http://www.thebrownstongallery.co.uk).

The next exhibitions are likely to be at Salcombe Yacht Club (http://www.salcombeyc.org.uk/ ) in August and at HMS Nelson (http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/The-Fleet/Naval-Bases/Portsmouth) in October.




A base in Plymouth is retained thanks mostly to my very good friend and excellent fellow painter David Folley.


There is a need though for a ‘bricks and mortar’ outlet, a studio/gallery.

This could involve a partner who would like to engage in the fine art business.


Partly because of the excellent light I have been spending more time in SW France in a beautiful studio at the bastide village of Castelnau de Montmiral made available thanks another good friend Francoise Boitel.

Historic CdM is rated one of the “les plus beaux villages de France” (http://www.castelnaudemontmiral-tourisme.com/).


All our contact details are always shown on the web site page ‘contact us’ (https://frickers.co.uk/art/contacting-gordon-frickers-marketing/)




All these paintings are adventures, become part of our heritage, see them, read about them, pass it on and especially enjoy.


I am also very conscious none of this would have been possible with out the support, encouragement and friendships of people like you.


Gordon Frickers.

July 2012 ©