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An artist’s news letter No 18 from Gordon Frickers, October 2012

Around this region, Gaillac, the grape harvest is near complete, this is an autumnal taste of my studio news…

This is a glimpse into the life of a contempory artist which I hope you will enjoy.

In turn, your news is always welcome.

All our contact details are always shown on our web site page contact us


Autumn 2012, it’s been a busy period since our last newsletter.

Fine paintings take inspiration, perspiration, time and knowledge.

Yours could be the next commission?



  • Did you know?
  • Special offer on prints.
  • New in print,
  • Gallery Opportunity
  • Famous Wine Villages of France, project.
  • Lost and stolen art works
  • Major change to the web site.
  • The blog (www.frickers.co.uk/blog) and RSS now covers most of the news as it happens or more truly, soon after.


Did you know?

What ever your budget you can afford an example of The Art of Gordon Frickers.

About prices:

Sketches and drawings start from a mere £50.00,

Print prices commence at £57.00: “The Clipper Way” is a haunting image and co signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Water colours from £400.00

Oil paintings from £500

Our average commission is for an oil painting size around 508 x 813mm 20” x 32” and most commissions cost between 2 and 3,000.

Of course larger complex pictures can cost as much as £15,000 however they are rare.


Good value from one of the few artists invited to exhibit at the European Parliament?


Payment has never been easier –

  1. we have a pay in instalment scheme, ask for details,
  2. you can order securely online using Paypal or
  3. by IBAN, using the bank to bank for your payment



Special offer on prints


Temptation? – You may deduct 15% from any single print order and 20% from any print and frame order!

Simply quote this code ‘A12’ on orders placed before the 20th November 2012

Plus, we will send you a free copy of our lavishly illustrated booklet ‘Life on the Ocean Waves’.

You will be helping us to reduce stock prior to moving studio.


New in print

The Trafalgar Messenger’, HMS Pickle off Mounts Bay’ approaching the Lizard’ –This new print makes a fine pair together with the already well know ‘I have Urgent Dispatches’.

New ground breaking research brings you the most accurate portrayal of the renowned Pickle to date and in ‘further reading’ an entertaining story; a must for collectors.

‘Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater’ – by moonlight. Countless people emigrated from Britain and Plymouth grew to have the best emigration depot in the country.  This 30” x 48” picture recreates a vanished world, the depot and the clipper Samuel Plimsoll loading, bound for Australia’s distant shore.

We have a fascinating story to go with this painting.

September 11, 2012 a Royal Geographic Society article, Visualising History: Geography, Art and Exhibitions included the painting Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater

You can read the original piece by using the address below or find a copy on frickers/blog dated September 11, 2012

For your information, the Geography Directions post is on: http://blog.geographydirections.com/

Written by Dr. F. Ferbrache of Oxford University, “Many different forms of representation have provided inspiration to geographers: works of literature, art, photography, political analysis, tutorials and journal articles” and how “This particular painting reveals a largely forgotten business at a time of significant historical migration, and invites the viewer’s curiosity”.


‘Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective’ – Did you have an ancestor at Trafalgar if so which ship? Nelson’s fleet is named in their correct sequence in a delightful carefully researched sketch along the lower margin.



Gallery Opportunity


There is a need for a ‘bricks and mortar’ outlet, a studio/gallery so a move is in the wind.

A gallery could involve a partner who would like to engage in the fine art business.

All our contact details are always shown on the web site page ‘contact us’ (https://frickers.co.uk/art/contacting-gordon-frickers-marketing/)


However I am a sea man with sea fever plus it makes sense to live with and work nearer sea people so the days at CdM are numbered.


Partly because of the excellent light I continue to keep a spacious studio in SW France at the 13th century hill top village of Castelnau de Montmiral at least until ‘The Move’.

My base in Plymouth is retained.



Famous Wine Villages of France (https://frickers.co.uk/art/wine/)


A new project proposal will appear on the web site in the next month.


This is very likely to become my principal project following considerable interest last summer, besides which it’s fun.

The texts and paintings based on page Famous Wine Villages are about to have an over haul.

We have a new ‘twist’ on this popular subject.

For various reasons, some mentioned here below, there will be a new web site exclusively specialising in this subject.

The project is moving foreword encouraged by a publishing house, wine importers and a TV company.
Is that to much to resist ?


You may not be entirely surprised to learn there is a ‘nautical’ perspective so I am researching navigation of the river Tarn, Gaillac to Bordeaux.



Lost and stolen art works

Would you like to help solve a crime?

The majority of pictures listed as stolen art disappeared in the same time frame, the last 6 months I lived at Itzac… Not every painting listed missing was stolen or lost by the same cause.

Who would have the opportunity, motive and cunning to steal art items: why?

How would the person use or dispose of them?

It was not until some months after I’d moved to CdM the reality of how serious was the loss sunk in.

When looking for some of my field studies made in France I gradually became aware some 15 paintings, sketches, plus books, materials and a few hand tools were missing.


For any artist such a loss is very significant. Besides the financial ‘hit’, the pictures are from a period in my career that can not be replicated. They are irreplaceable and I remain distressed by their theft.


In consultation with the Gendarmerie we think we know how and who but can’t investigate without some evidence.

If you see one of the missing worked please report it.

Your alertness may recover some stolen art and save other people from being robbed.


The pictures are listed on page


The art work also appears on several specialist Stolen Art web sites.



Major change to the web site


We have finally moved the content of Gordon’s website to WordPress. This allows us full editorial control of the content of the site, a feature we have wanted for years.
There are many ways in which parts of the transfer could have gone wrong. If you find anything on the website – the parts accessible from the drop down menus (and who’s URLs start https://frickers.co.uk/art/ rather than http://www.frickers.co.uk/blog/) – that you think are not quite right (or worse), please let us know.

This also means we can now look to out source for SEO and other refinements.

Dr. M. Baker, web master
28 June 2012.



Feel free to reproduce this letter or ask for further information.

Kindly attribute the article to Gordon Frickers and provide a link to our website – http://www.frickers.co.uk


Many of you are clients or prospective clients, others have generously supported in a variety of ways, sincerely I thank you for helping; for your encouragement, for helping build the ‘further reading’ sections, for your purchases, all are vital.


I am also very conscious none of this would have been possible with out the support, encouragement and friendships of people like you, thank you.


Gordon Frickers.

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