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Happy New Year to you and those you care for

Wishing you all the best, live long and prosper for 2013 and beyond; Je te souhaite une très bonne fin d’année.

I have been working some of the time during the festive season. The real work starts tomorrow.

I’ve not yet resumed painting but hope to do so very soon.

I have a great studio space here but it is uneconomic and I’m missing out on networking.

I have laid an escape route (to be confirmed) to Plymouth this year. but not yet found a studio space in Plymouth or Cornwall.

I’d rather stay in France but with out a breakthrough on being registered it is inadvisable.

So far the French ‘system’ has sent my applications round in circles with each web site and each official demanding different information and giving different answers.

The Maison des Artistes in Paris being particularly unhelpful.

One of my French friends phoned on my behalf and asked the equivalent of the social security office, ‘do you mean that if he was an Arab with a wife and six children he would immediately receive full benefits but because he is English and wants to work there are ‘problems‘.

The answer was ‘yes’.


In any event I’m expecting to be back in Plymouth for a few weeks end of March to April including at Easter and Passover time.

The main task will be to print ‘Spirit of Mystery’ and in co operation with Pete Goss start publishing and promoting the signed numbered reproduction. 


Pre order a copy now via ‘Contact Us and we will give you a 10 % discount and one of the exclusive first (low number) copies.


I will also be in Plymouth to refit my boat.

Of the latter, by grabbing the chance on a few mild sunny days here I have now installed the new centreboard case so almost completed the wood work.

I anticipate she will be ready to move by the end of February and a long time friend shipmate and rival afloat has offered to help rig and test sail her; would you like a sail with her?


I expect my main projects the first half of this year will be a major web site upgrade and the ‘Wine Villages of Bordeaux‘ so do please keep notes of and send any good wine related stories and facts about transport of wine.

I have a publisher proposing a book on this project so I have the additional challenge of writing the text.

I am really looking foreword to pressing on with the Wine Village project even if it means I have to spend more time in Bordeaux and the sunny Tarn.


In the studio over the next week I will take a long look at the potential Wine Village pictures I have (including the very numerous photos taken on previous visits) and my contacts with the intention of designing new paintings for the book and generally planning the way ahead for the next few months including looking for a way for us to pay for the book.

I will also be looking to give my web site a long overdue major overhaul and build a new ‘landscape and wine village’ site.


I am as sure as one can be I will be in Castelnau de Montmiral until at least March for several reasons.
Two are stability to concentrate on re starting the wine village project and researching les quais a Gaillac.
Of this latter we have found surprisingly little in official archives to I will be writing an appeal for the regional press.

It also gives me more time to complete the restoration of my boat.

Wishing you fine sailing and the best of luck in 2013,
Gordon Frickers.