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An artist’s news letter No 19

With spring in the air and wine on the agenda here is a taste of my studio news… Sauternes_Sweet_Wine_Sunrise.JPG_wp.JPG

In this edition there are some serious questions, your experiences and any recommendations would be appreciated more than ever, thank you.


  • Painting prices:
  • Wine Village Project:
  • Web site, a major upgrade:
  • New paintings:
  • Research:
  • Laperouse, Botany Bay (continued).
  • Did you know?
  • Lost and stolen art works…

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This newsletter was written for friends and people interested in The Art of Gordon Frickers.

This is a glimpse into the life of a contempory artist, enjoy.

In turn, your news is always welcome.


All our contact details are always shown on our web site page contact us the essentials are gordon at frickers.co.uk and T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435


Spring 2013, has been a busy period and the summer looks even busier.

Fine paintings

Your ideas could be the next commission.

Paintings are comfortably paid for in painless instalments and of course we have a fabulous collection of pictures available from our Print Gallery page.

My next visit to Plymouth was put back a month to 23 April to 16 May.

This is partly to better co-ordinate a project with the Pete Goss marketing team.

I have given notice here at Castelnau de Montmiral so will leave the Tarn at the end of June, currently Plymouth looks more feasible.

By way of recent news I’ve attached 3 pictures for you.


Painting prices:

Watercolours start at £450, oils from a very affordable £500, all the prices represent excellent value have you seen our price list?

Ordering has never been easier –

  1. we have a pay in instalment scheme, ask for details,
  2. you can order securely online using Paypal or
  3. by bank to bank for your payment


Wine Village Project:

The major focus this year is on ‘Famous Wine Villages of France’.

Specifically I will be focused on some 12 to 15 villages in the Bordeaux regions

Key West Editions have proposed a bi-lingual book so we have made a presentation including pages about Sauternes.

The book will need a sponsor and is a lot of extra work however it is an inspiration and helps the momentum.

Consequently the pages of ‘Gallery Two, Wine Villages’ are steadily being re written with new texts rich in surprising details.

There is also a proposed painting of Quays of Gaillac.

Gaillac, one of the less well know wine regions of France, at the navigable head of the river Tarn which via the Garonne flows to Bordeaux has traditionally sold most of its wine via Bordeaux.

It has been said in Gaillac, ‘I thought Bordeaux wine was Gaillac!

Today the beautiful setting and formally busy quays are largely forgotten.

Surprisingly information on this once thriving river port is fragmented and proving elusive.

A longer term goal is to launch a second new web site devoted to primarily these wine projects and including the land and coastal scapes, French & British.


Web site, a major upgrade:

A new web master is needed to fully exploit the implications and possibilities resultant from major technical changes we (Dr M. Baker and 34sp.com) have made this year.

Invitation: If you have suggestions to improve the site and its visibility now is the time to have your say, make your contribution.

I now have editorial control with active content management of texts; something wanted for the past 7 years so can begin to respond to suggestions and the changing requirements of search engines.

Texts are gradually being up dated and improved starting with the most visited and most important pages.

This includes an overhaul of Gallery Two Wine Villages. This section will return to being a separate web site later this year.

A review of the site’s visibility is also a hot and complex subject, were to start…?

I’d like to hear of your experiences and suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.


The site www.frickers.co.uk was established in 1998 has 753 pages + blog.

Since December I have had to concentrate much time on web site issues.

The migration turned out to be a long tricky stressful process during which the server host 34sp.com were hugely helpful.


Much remains to be done however this is a big step foreword.


New paintings:

A dashing 30 x 48” painting of the French ‘frigate of liberty’  “Hermione” is on the easel at an early stage, as is one of a Portuguese ‘Carrack’ (Neo) entering the Gironde Estuary.  Hermione__in_progress__frigate_of_liberty__25.03.13_IMG_5647.JPG_wp.JPG

The Hermione was one of the ships involved with Lafayette during the American War of Independence; he was aboard her for a while.

Lafayette contravened the standing orders of Louis XVI.

When the painting is nearing completion I’ll revisit the ship and check details as built with the original ship and my painting.

Laperouse, Botany Bay, literally the French answer to Captain James Cook.

Exhibited at the European Parliament (May 2011), I now consider finished so I’ve attached a .jpeg for you; more about this painting below.  Laperouse___Botany_Bay__the_French_answer_to_James_Cook_.JPG_wp.JPG

Bloomsbury One is a book cover for ‘The Corsair’.

The publisher says The Corsair is a best seller, to be published in English later this year and they wish me to provide the other covers for the series.

The other two are both very recent paintings. ‘Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean’ is a wonderful story and soon (late May 2013) to be available in print counter signed by the distinguished skipper of Spirit of Mystery Pete Goss (MBE & Legion d’Honneur).



What do you know about membership of The Fine Art Trade Guild and DAKS or a similar organisation, your experiences and any recommendations will be appreciated.

Picture libraries Copyright Licensing service, image libraries – joining one or more picture libraries is long over due; again your experiences and any recommendations will be appreciated.

National Maritime Historical Society – This quarter I have rejoined after many years lapsed the American National Maritime Historical Society who publish SEA HISTORY Magazine which goes to just about everyone in the States interested in sea history.


Laperouse, Botany Bay (continued)

This unusual painting is 762 x 1219 mm (30″ x 48″), oils on canvas.  Laperouse___Botany_Bay__the_French_answer_to_James_Cook_.JPG_wp.JPG

I’ll have to show it to the Laperouse society president and a few others soon including the staff of HM Hydrographic Office.

In researching this painting Laperouse Society people were consulted to ensure we have the truest possible likenesses of the Laperouse ships.

I made very careful studies of the few surviving pictures of the ships made by eye witnesses, of the few known drawings of Laperouse ships by her crew.

Yes their sterns were like that; one elliptical and quite old fashioned for the period, the other the more usual horse shoe shape.

Like wise I am confident of the appearance of the British ‘First Fleet’; how they look, were they are shown anchored on that morning.

Laperouse, Botany Bay was initially inspired by the enthusiasm for the subject of Stephen Best.

Stephen generously loaned some valuable rare books, we had detailed discussions about the voyage of Laperouse and he introduced me to the Museum of Laperouse in beautiful Albi (recently awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status), the great navigator’s home ‘port’.  Museum_de_Laperouse_Albi_IMG_0718_wp.jpg

Outstandingly helpful was the staff of Her Majesties Hydrographic Office, Taunton.

I was allowed access to the secure buildings and to see many original period charts and pictures for the several paintings I was researching charts and period watercolours of the approaches to Botany Bay.

The pictures were made by and for navigators so are generally of a very high standard and rarely see daylight. One of the highlights of my memorable visit was to consult the original chart of  Botany Bay made during the pioneering visit of Captain James Cook.
How many lives has that chart influenced?


A bit of ‘Albi News‘:

Albi, recently awarded UNESCO World Heritage status is a beautiful partly medieval city straddling the river Tarn and includes a cathedral that was for centuries the largest brick built building.   Albi, general view IMG_1587.JPG d_1.JPG

The Place de Laperouse has this year had a major overhaul and there are plans to move the very active Laperouse Museum to larger premises.

The ‘Place de Laperouse’  includes a Laperouse  fine statue.  Laperouse_IMG_0410_wp.JPG

There is also a fine bust of Laperouse in the Musee Maritime, Paris.

The price of this unusual painting is £ 1,500.00  Fr_Musee_Marine_LapreouseIMG_6552.jpg_wp.jpg

If you know some one interested do tell them including they can pay in instalments and by credit card via my web site, thank you.


Did you know?

What ever your budget you can afford an example of The Art of Gordon Frickers.

About prices:

Sketches and drawings start from a mere £50.00,

Print prices commence at £57.00; “The Clipper Way” is a haunting image and co signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Water colours from £400.00

Oil paintings from £500

Our average commission is for an oil painting size around 508 x 813mm 20” x 32” and most commissions cost between 2 and 3,000.

Of course larger complex pictures can cost as much more however I appreciate all people’s needs vary as do budgets.

Talk to me, as the French say, there are no problems only solutions


Good value from one of the few artists invited to exhibit at the European Parliament?


Ordering has never been easier –

  1. we have a pay in instalment scheme, ask for details,
  2. you can order securely online using Paypal or
  3. by IBAN, using the bank to bank for your payment


Lost and stolen art works

Would you like to help solve a crime?

The majority of pictures listed as stolen art disappeared in the same time frame, the last 6 months I lived at Itzac…

Who would have the opportunity, motive and cunning to steal art items; why?

How would the evil person use or dispose of them?

For any artist this is a compliment one can do without,  a loss is very significant.

Besides the financial ‘hit’, the pictures are from a period in my career that can not be replicated.

They are irreplaceable and I remain distressed by their theft.


If you see one of the missing worked please report it.

Your alertness may recover some stolen art and save other people from being robbed.


The pictures are listed on page


The art work also appears on several specialist Stolen Art web sites.


Feel free to copy onward or reproduce this letter or ask for further information.

Kindly attribute the article to Gordon Frickers and provide a link to our website – http://www.frickers.co.uk


By reading this letter you are helping; your support, your encouragement, your purchases, all contribute to this rather special web site www.frickers.co.uk, thank you.


Gordon Frickers

Artist, Art Photographer

Maison Boitel, Rue Gambetta,

81140 Castelnau de Montmiral

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