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Ice Maiden and a weird story

Maiden ~  From Tracy Edwards the renowned sailor.  Ice_Maiden_06.03.10_IMG_6982_.jpg_wp.jpg

Here for you just in is a story to amuse you.
Today I was invited to link via LinkedIn with Tracy Edwards.
I admire Tracy Edwards achievements.
I’ve not heard from Tracy since about 1993 although via my web site a number of people with Maiden connections have been in touch, some asking after her.
I accepted with pleasure and wrote to thank her for the invitation “

Hello Tracy, a pleasure to reconnect with you thanks for the invitation.
Congratulations on your C.V., you have achieved much, worthwhile and impressive work.
I still have the ‘Ice Maiden’ painting and 4 prints left looking for a good home. Ice Maiden has been a useful flagship picture at exhibitions.

If you think I can help you in any way don’t hesitate to ask. Best wishes, Gordon
Tracy Edwards replied “

Hello Gordon

How wonderful to hook up again.

My ‘Ice Maiden’ (signed numbered print) still has pride of place in my house! Now then I may have a weird and wonderful story to tell you – do you know someone who lives on Stembridge Hill on the Gower Penninsula?

Off hand I couldn’t think of anyone however via my work I have the privilege of connecting with many very interesting people.
I love a good yarn, a weird and wonderful story so asked Tracy to tell her tale.
Tracy Edwards  replied:
Hi Gordon

Of course please do put that on your website. I love the painting so much. It truly captures the ‘essence’ of Maiden and the Southern Ocean.

OK so the story! I grew up on Gower and my daughter and I go back regularly to stay with friends in Llangennith. On the way home a couple of years ago I hit rock on Stembridge and my tyre exploded. There are virtually no houses on that road as it is so rural but I managed to get to a driveway and pulled in. There was a man there and he very kindly helped and offered the use of his phone as there is no reception there. He recognised me and said that he was on the Maria Asumpta when it sank (I can’t remember his name sadly) and asked if I knew you and that you had done a painting for him and he knew of the Ice Maiden painting!

Small world!


I think Tracy Edwards literally ‘ accidently’ met the excellent sculptor and ex shipmate of mine, Phil Chatfield!
Unfortunately I lost contact with Phil years ago so can’t check.
You could aquire one of the last copies of Ice Maiden via our Marine Print Gallery or email us at info at frickers.co.uk