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Vagrant off the Needles

The schooner Vagrant off the Needles, two copies left in stock, here is an unusual charming yarn, Peter J wrote to us and has kindly agreed to share his story.  Vargrant_IMG_20131005_00352.jpg

“Gordon, I keep an eye on Vagrant and hope that some day, hopefully soon, she will be brought back to her former glory.I bought this print many years ago when I lived in North London and it has always had pride of place wherever I have lived and is always complemented on by friends and guests.

You may also be interested to know that I bought the print from a furniture shop that was part of the Argos chain (for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the shop)
The shop was closing down and I saw the print when it was discounted by 25%. Those were the wonderful days when mortgage rates were around 15% and I had little spare money to spend on luxuries.

I felt that buying this was a necessity.
By chance a week later I was reading the local weekly paper on the day it came out and saw an advert that all stock in the shop was being sold at 1/2 price.

It was around 7:30 pm and the shop closed at 8:00 pm. I phoned and asked if the print was still available (they only had 1 in stock). I was told it was however they would not keep it for me. I jumped in my car and raced to the shop and with minutes to spare bought the picture before they closed for the day.

As a keen sailor not only is a possession that I cherish but having a story behind buying it makes ownership even more delightful.

I have recently bought a house in Milford on Sea and this print is so appropriate because I have the same view of The Needles a few minutes walk from my front door.
It is wonderful to have bought this print about 25 years ago and it now being so relevant hanging above the fireplace in my new home.

Your print has given me many years of great enjoyment and I can now tell admirers that there are a few left, if they are quick.


The picture was published by De Montfort who sold their last copy many years ago.

We have two copies left, price £147.00 each.

If you are quick You can grab one of the last available copies using PayPal on our Payment Page.