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Newsletter 21, short 'n sweet

Studio Newsartist’s news letter No 21, March 2014 www.frickers.co.uk, Skype: gordonfrickers; Phone 0044 (0) 1865 52 24350044 (0) 1865 52 2435

You can follow The Art of Gordon Frickers on my blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. Here is a detail from a new painting > Plymouth_Sound__detail__IMG_9979.JPG_d.JPG


GOSS VOYAGE CAPTURED ON CANVAS = we have a fabulous new print to “Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean”.

A few remaining copies are co signed by Pete Gossthe distinguished , famous skipper of Spirit of Mystery Pete Goss (MBE & la Légion d’honneur etc.) Pete_Goss___Gordon_Frickers_signing_IMG_9166.JPG_wp.JPG


If you would like to read the Pete Goss print press coverage e mail me at gordon at frickers.co.uk



Pete Goss recently wrote, “I got exactly the painting I’d hoped for”.  Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean, D_1.jpg



Copies can be ordered for £147.00 via our payment page in the how to order menu or paid for bank to bank.

Instalment payments can be made by arrangement.




  • Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean (see above)

  • Change of address in France

  • Wine Village Project:

  • Web site, upgrade:

  • New paintings:

  • Commissions:


Change of address in France see below, + new French phone numbers.

Plymouth retains my principal address.

All contact details are always shown on our web site page contact us

The essentials are gordon@nullfrickers.co.uk and T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435


Wine Village Project:

A major focus this year is the ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux’ project.

I visited the region 5 more times last year and more visits soon.

I could not have made a better choice, the Bordeaux region is amazing.

Six of last autumn’s paintings sold before the oils were dry to make a ‘Bordeaux wall’.

A bi-lingual book is being prepared, probably to be produced in Plymouth.

A sample ‘proposed’ chapter to promote this project is available as a PDF.


Web site, a major technical upgrade remains ongoing.

A second and new site is being prepared to display the landscapes in particular of the Bordeaux region

The site’s earning potential is considerable.


New paintings:

Work has started on what will be an amazing painting, a 2 m wide of “Gaillac Quay 1863” for The museum ‘inVINcible VIGNEron’ which gives you an insight into the wine industry, a treasure of French culture, how ithas grown and changed from the 17thcentury to the 20thcentury.(https://vimeo.com/76248472)

Two dramatic book covers have just been completed, one for for best selling WW2 author David J B Smith, the other for a company in Oman who already have a best seller using one of my paintings



Not as expensive as some people think, ask for details.

  1. You can use our convenient pay in instalment scheme, ask for details,

  2. you can order securely online using Paypal or

  3. by bank to bank for your payment


It’s nice to keep in touch, your news is always welcome, thank you.


Our contact details are always shown on our web site page contact us the essentials are gordon at frickers.co.uk and T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435

Gordon Frickers Marine and landscape painter,

169 chemin du mas de Boyer, Laborie, Gaillac 86100 – new address

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