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An Internet surprise

Today included a request, a distinguished British journalist and a distinguished Russian Captain, a naval officer (rtd), to introduce two friends of mine to each other.  They have in common the development of submarine technology.

Frozen Fury, Russian version
Frozen Fury, Russian version

I met Igor via the Internet.
He was co authoring with an American, John L. Haynes a book called “Frozen Fury, A personal account of convoy PQ13, the first convoy to Murmansk to feel the full fury of German attacks on that route (ISBN 978-1-4512-0156-7).
Igor Kozyr asked me if he could use my PQ 13 painting, an early example of my art, produced for and with an eye witness, as the cover for the Russian version of the book (ISBN 9-785904-180379).


Convoy PQ 13 and Junkers Ju 88's
Convoy PQ 13 and Junkers Ju 88’s

My client who fired at the attackers said he was “much to excited to hit anything”, was aboard “New Westminster City”, the ship is the central ship illustrated here as PQ 13 is attacked by JU 88s.
The convoy is also the subject of book, “The Ship That Torpedoed Herself”.
Two days later New Westminster City became another casualty of the battle to supply Russia and my client, now deceased, then aged 18, lost a leg.
I still have but have not written up fully his and my remarkable original notes and sketches,
Igor generously sent me 6 copies of his book, gave me a two page write up and included my web site address. He also suggested we have an exhibition of my art in St Petersburg. 

Frozen Fury, cover story
Frozen Fury, cover story