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Sunrise sunset swiftly flow the years

A favourite line from a song in “Fiddler on the Roof”…maybe you too remember it?

Sunrise,25 July
Sunrise,25 July

I have been having (English phrase) ‘one hell of a week’, meaning very unusual and in this case a ‘right bas**d’.
Would I buy ‘Orange’ again or recommend? Very unlikely.
There is still a risk I will disappear off line again soon…

Hopefully the problems are now safely overboard and well astern.
In short, I lost my Internet and phone connections;
Orange.fr did not cover themselves in glory or to put it another way the service was crap.
I was miss informed at the shop in Redon, 5 visits and kept waiting 50 minutes the last time; how much time did that cost me in time, mileage, fuel and disruption? Then there were the 43 phone calls to and some with Orange most of which had to be made by my SFR (not free to fixed lines, more cost) mobile phone…
Oih vay!
Eventually we discovered a faulty Orange Livebox plug…
There is a LOT more to this tale of the worst service I’ve experienced in many years.
I’ll spare you the details hoping the above puts anyone using Orange on RED alert.

Oh and along the way I learnt Orange had given me the wrong fix number for my house… thus on plus out of this shambles is I now have the correct number on my web sites for you.

Lets see if the connection is stable over the next few weeks; anyone taking bets?
Consequently I am sorry to report ‘B I Sunday’, Gaillac and Bordeaux paintings have hardly progressed this past week.
I am very frustrated by a serious Internet and phone failure that ruined my concentration and wasted many hours, some nice sunny days, a lot of good ‘painting light’.
I’ll try and restart this week end.
The painting has reached a stage were it is excited, calling to me to work on it.
I’d like to commit suicide by hey then I can’t suffer so meanwhile the sun was shining, lets be positive and suffer, here is a painting made plien aire a few years back at Castenau de Montmiral, bask, spring is a coming unto day, we’ll be dead a long time cherish the moment even the Orange .fr moments… enjoy

Sunset, Vere valley & forest of Grisigne
Sunset, Vere valley & forest of Grisigne