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Pickle and Victory

HMS Pickle is bound for Portsmouth to rendez-vous with HMS Victory.

A very special event !

At the invitation of the Royal Navy a very special event ~ the beautiful HmsPickle recreation schooner or war will visit the famous H M S Victory at Portsmouth, 1 st to 8 th November 2017

HMS Pickle, 'I have Urgent Dispatches' ~ by Gordon Frickers
HMS Pickle, ‘I have Urgent Dispatches’ ~ by Gordon Frickers

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the basic is: 

Mal Nicholson's gift from the R N
Mal Nicholson’s gift from the R N

Twelve volunteers from Portsmouth Naval Base will take it in turns to sail the recreation schooner of war HMS Pickle from her base at Hull to the Solent.

Nelson's Pickle, First With The News (detail) ~ by Gordon Frickers
Nelson’s Pickle, First With The News (detail) ~ by Gordon Frickers

The plan is to have the schooner in Portsmouth harbour moored as close as possible to the famous flagship HMS Victory.

HMS Victory, photo, Gordon Frickers
HMS Victory, photo, Gordon Frickers

The new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is also expected to be nearby.

The beautiful replica HmsPickle operated from Hull by Captain Mal Nicholson is honoured to be invited by the Royal Navy.

This event is a wonderful form of recognition for Mal Nicholson and his team who saved, restored and now operate this historic replica enabling people today to have a more profound appreciation of our ancestors and what we stand for.

Pickle Night is the event which celebrates achievements of both HMS Victory’s men, the British fleet and people, and in particular the dramatic race to England with the momentous Trafalgar news, by the famous HMS Pickle (second R N ship of 5 of to bear that name).

The accomplishments of Lt Lapenotiere and his small schooner, chosen to sail into history and legend as “The Trafalgar Messenger” are celebrated in the Royal Navy each November 4, and more recently, increasingly world wide at such prestigious venues as the New York Yacht Club. 

Nelson's Pickle, First With The News ~ by Gordon Frickers
Nelson’s Pickle, First With The News ~ by Gordon Frickers

The date 4 th November being the anniversary of HM Schooner Pickle’s arrival of Falmouth with the momentous news of the battle of Trafalgar, invasion of Britain averted and the great sadness of the death of the national hero Horatio Nelson.

HMS Pickle, The Trafalgar Messenger ~ by Gordon Frickers
HMS Pickle, The Trafalgar Messenger ~ by Gordon Frickers

Commemorated, celebrated as ‘Pickle Night’, it is an evening for naval personnel, CPO’s to ratings, to remember the heroes of 1805 and generally let their hair down.

The three most definitive illustrations of H M S Pickle, the best known being the fabulous “I have Urgent Dispatches” (available as a signed numbered ‘heritage’ print on canvas)  were painted by Gordon Frickers, all 3 are available.

In collaboration with the renowned naval author Peter Goodwin, no one has more thoroughly researched the story of HMS Pickle and her people.

For more information contact

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The Pickle paintings and prints ~ Gordon Frickers T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435 E: info@nullfrickers.co.uk

Royal Navy ~ https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2017/september/26/170926-sailors-go-back-in-time-200-years

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Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine
Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine
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Marine Trades Association Member