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Titanic twice

Once in a life time is enough …?
A rare sight.
The two new unfinished Titanic, “Plymouth Harbour” paintings after Norman Wilkinson, very Plymouth.

We think Norman Wilkinson would have used strong somewhat ‘Fauve’ style colours.
Certainly the composition which looks rubbish in black and white, works well with strong colours, clever Norman Wilkinson.
I play with each painting, trying colour combinations.
This technique, [schhhhh… artist secret] which I’ve occasionally used before, enables me to experiment freely, without concern, with the colour combinations.
When one looks best I used the same colours on the other so they will be very similar, “down to the last wave top and seagull” my client demanded.
One is for my client’s home, the other will be for sale.
To discover more try my page https://frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/ports/titanic-plymouth/ and look for the ‘Further Reading’ link.