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Titanic’s progress

“Plymouth Harbour” was displayed in Titanic’s main salon, the “First Class Smoking Room”.
My replica is nearing completion.
This new painting will become part of the short life and long history of the ‘Titanic’.
My Titanic ‘Plymouth Harbour‘ is as accurate a representation as the newest research can make it, of what was the largest and most prominent master piece on board ‘Titanic’.

Several artists have tried their hand at this.
My version, researched by Titanic author of 3 books Tim Maltin and me, plus my detailed knowledge from 25 + years sailing Plymouth waters, cruising and racing, will make this as close as anyone will get to Norman Wilkinson’s original.
“Plymouth Harbour ” measures exactly as the original and is presented on the identical type of canvas, 79.5 x 172 cm (31 3/5″ x 68″).
To discover the story, explore my pages from https://frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/ports/titanic-plymouth/