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A Confession

A dark secret …
I was today ‘confessing’;  you won’t like me ? … on my first French tax return.
While I am baring my soul and as my tax returns are invariable about rising expenses and loss so not very interesting, here is an much darker confession.
For making tea I mostly use a large white ‘Fred’s Cafe’ tea pot [I hope that is not advertising?]
Fred’s tea pot

This yarn gets worse, much darker…

My tea pot is quite old, it has ‘character’, a 1/5 th of the lid is absent …
It is easy to clean and the spout although slightly chipped, pours without loss of any precious tea, so very practical.
I’ve looked for a replacement in many shops in England, and looked in vain. 
By the way, where is ‘vain’, I can’t seem to find it … ?
I’ve tried a variety of other pots, none can in my experience equal Fred’s. Worse ?… to make tea I start with 3 bags and a litre of [hot] water into the pot.
Artist’s old kitchen…
This makes for strong ‘builder’s tea’.
If I’m feeling delicate which happens more often these days, I pour 3/4 ‘s of a cup then top up with hot water, then add a little milk and sugar.
Very occasionally, for medicinal purposes, a cap full of good French brandy.
It gets worse ?.
I top up the pot as well.
Even worse ?, when all has gone I add one, sometimes two more tea bags and repeat.
I’m such a daft person I sometimes add another tea bag when that lot has gone and repeat the process, again ?.
If the tea in the pot is yuk cold, having first filled a mug [important] I put the mug in my mircowave for 2 minutes [and heat the tea] then add the usual luxuries, milk n sugar.
This process I find makes what I think is very good tea ?.
You may disagree?
I stop the process when about 7 bags have been sacrificed in the pot ~ or when mould starts to grow.
A point in my favour, I do regularly clean the pot after emptying the defunct tea bags.
I’ve never had a visitor complain.
14 rue du Bout de Ville
Although admittedly, most of my [few] regular visitors ask for coffee ?.
Then again I don’t get many visitors.
I haven’t got round to wondering if my tea has anything to do with that …
This practice has though, important for an Englishman living in France, cut my loss of tea bags by 50 % ? .
I have no excuses to offer.
Maybe part of the physiological explanation is on my résumée [https://frickers.co.uk/art/home-page2/gordon-frickers-cvresume/] on my web site?
This mentions I have been variously among other things, a photographer, sea man, boat builder and these days some say I’m an artist [painter].
[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]