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Coastal Shipping in a Gale off Fowey

Coastal shipping off Fowey and a day to be snugged down in a safe harbour…

Coastal shipping, Fowey
Coastal Shipping in a Gale

Gale, coastal shipping off Fowey“, a marine painting by Gordon Frickers, 81 x 51 cm (32″ x 20”), sold.

Fowey harbour and  a heavy gale.  The forecast is the gale will build to storm force 10 tomorrow.

“Coastal Shipping in a Gale” was a #painting made from an oil sketch I still have, might sell if asked,  made during the gale at #Fowey#Cornwall.

Painting at Fowey while in the sheltering the ruins of the old Polruan Block House.

Coastal Shipping in a Gale, a detail

Fully exposed to the gale and sitting near me there were 2 anglers fishing.

When they’d had enough one came to see what I was doing ?.

Of my very loose, rather wet sketch he said “you’ve made a right bloody mess of that ?

Coastal Shipping in a Gale, another detail

He went home with no fish ?.

I went home with a sketch and photographs that produced this painting, eventually sold for £500 (about $650).

A fair price back in the early 1980’s ?

I think today will be a day for catching up on paperwork, an nice open fire, a game of chess with my neighbour Matt. I have an article to write about my painting “Laperouse at Botany Bay”, for the Association Laperouse, more of that soon ⚓️

Laperouse entering Botany Bay

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