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On this day

14 February 1998< a blast from the past>, a newspaper clipping, an amusement to share with you.
The first truly International publicity my #art #painting received was on the >14 February 1998< via the prestigious shipping journal ⚓️ #Lloyds List International⚓️.

Lloyds List International
Lloyds List International 14 February 1998

The article prominently featured my now famous “Roaring Forties” [available as an awesome signed print from my web site] painted for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, first man to circumnavigate solo non stop.

‘Roaring Forties’ was named by RK-J, prints carry is and my signatures.

That one prestigious article eventually caused me to be working as far afield as The Netherlands and the Outer Hebridies.

My sincere thank you Lloyds List crew, now how about a follow up article soon ??

This was also the day, incurable romantic that I am, 48 years ago  I married ex wife 1.
Happily she and I remain good, loyal friends to this day.

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]