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My studio today

Busy days in my studio while working up > The ‘Titanic’ Twins < .

Studio action

One for my client, the other for sale, possibly via an auctioneer who specialises in Titanic memorabilia; unless you get there first.

#Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour‘ is a painstakingly accurate reproduction of the largest painting, a masterpiece by the famous Norman #Wilkinson, this measures exactly as the original and is presented on the identical type of canvas with similar oil paint, 79.5 x 172 cm (31 3/5″ x 68″).

Purchase Now with Paypal or bank to bank and by arrangement, in instalments.
You can acquire one of the “#Plymouth Harbour” #marinepaintings or commission a painting of this quality.

To discover more visit my web page https://www.frickers.co.uk/…/marine…/ports/titanic-plymouth/

[This Gordon Frickers, art signature is on all my more recent paintings]