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Live on board?

“Have you ever lived on one (a boat or square rig ship) for a long period of time?” I was asked today by film maker Frank Muller.
Thought it might be fun to share my answer with you which reminds me to restart writing the requested book about my life and work.
Charlestown, the port, ‘October Evening’, Cornwall available as a fine art print.
I’ve owned boats most of my life, built quite a few, repaired many more too.
I’ve not lived onboard for long periods.
I don’t really fancy that unless there is a good reason.
Maria Asumpta, a real square rigger,  entering Plymouth


It’s a bit cramped, fun for a while.

I do though regret passing some opportunities, in particular to sail with the Russians on the mighty square rig ship ‘Sedov’ in exchange for a painting for the captain, and offers to to sail with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
I often made week end cruises and raced a lot.
I used to take my yacht out single handed along the South Cornish coast, my Wayfarer too, good days, very memorable moments.
I wanted to learn about sailing in “square rig” so I chose to sail on what was then the world’s oldest (built 1858) fully operational merchant ship.
Drawing for sale !
“A few weeks on the old ‘Maria Asumpta’ was my longest cruise, with a crew of 15.
Passing Dungeness at night in a full gale going aloft to reef sails, anchoring in Deal roads with most of the crew exhausted.
Arriving in the Netherlands, thunderstorms in the North Sea, arriving in London Docks feeling super fit and able to flatten any landlubber who thought to take advantage of a sailor man.


Finishing touches, anti fouling my Sonata, ‘Music Maker’
Many stories and some fine paintings …
Gordon Frickers artist
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.