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A lugger of a delightful surprise to share with you seen when I switched on today !

Entitled “Gordon Frickers : A different Perspective” by Rob McDowell, this brief, splendid article opens ” There are some joys to being ‘locked down’! “.

Then gets more and more interesting.

Barnabas, lugger  :   23 X 35 cm (9″ x 14″)    Watercolour, available      £/€ 357.

Rob McDowell you  have “done it proud”, a beautifully written and balanced article inspired by my ‘ancient’ painting of the ‘Barnabas‘ lugger, sir, thank you.

This picture (available via my website) is one of the earliest surviving examples of my emerging talent.

I sat in sunshine on a bollard on a quay near Penryn, West Cornwall.

I probably drew this lugger picture 1974.

Luggers were a rare sight back in the 1970’s, ‘Barnabas‘ was one of the first of the luggers to be restored.

Barnabas, lugger under sail

Famous luggers :

Today the most famous lugger is undoubtedly ‘Spirit of Mystery’, sailed to Australia by Pete Goss MBE and mentioned in Rob’s article.

the original "Mystery".
Hyperlink > Spirit of Mystery

Signed numbered prints on canvas of this astonishing painting, created with and for Pete Goss for the collector are available from my web site.

Pete Goss MBE & Gordon Frickers planning the painting onboard Spirit of Mystery that was to become ” Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean “.

Good publicity is life blood for my work, the brave souls who keep luggers afloat and the Cornish Maritime Trust.

Barnabus bowsprit fun

As previously :

I’ll show my appreciation with posts about this Cornish Maritime Trust connection on my website, Facebook and so on with links to their page to give the Cornish Maritime Trust as much exposure as I can.

Barnabus lugger,

Welcome to the Cornish Maritime Trust

This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.