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If artists colour vision interests you take a look at this updated page
It’s about how and why people see, in particular artists.
Red Bales 2
What is there in common with Gordon Frickers colour experience and paintings by the grand masters know to have visual ‘defects’?
Men like Renoir and Cézanne, Albrecht Dürer, Titian and Rembrandt, Monet and Degas, what does this tell us about their sense of colour vision?

Page ‘Deuteranope?
was originally written by the immensely learned Professor Francis Pratt, May 1996 and edited by master of arts David Folley in June 2007.
To quote a few lines :
“What does all this mean for our visual experience?
If we listen carefully to what Gordon Frickers and others with similar colour vision to his tell us, we may suspect that it has dimensions of excitement that are not available to the majority of us.
There seem to be two big differences between Gordon Frickers experience and that of three cone-type people:
*The basic colours of surfaces would be much more volatile.
*Gordon would see patterns of light playing across them that would be invisible to three cone-type eyes.
*Shadows would be much more colourful.
It appears that Gordon Frickers colour world is much more dynamic” .
Sunset painting 08.08.06
08 August Sunset CdM 2 08.08.06
Lucky man!

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