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Idalia, lost yacht

‘Idalia’, a lost motor yacht, a question?

Motor Yacht ‘Idalia’ was built by the same yard as the ‘Titanic’, Harland & Wolff, Belfast.
If she survives she is an historic vessel, only two Harland & Wolff vessels are known to be still in existence.
M Y Idalia,
The Question is, does anyone know of her time based at Southampton, England, from 1959 while the property of Adrian Michael Berry, 3rd Viscount Camrose?🤔
Via my website and social media posts like this have lead to the recording for posterity and in several instances the saving of historic vessels.

‘Idalia’ has probably had her name changed…
We, my historian friend Mark Doherty and I have no photographs of her from later than 1934.
We are hoping to track down more.
‘Idalia’ was based at Southampton as the property of Adrian Michael Berry, 3rd Viscount Camrose, from 1959.
We don’t know how long he took care of her or if she was altered.
We are still researching ‘Idalia’, can you help or point us in the right direction 😶?

‘Idalia’, what we know of her history

Type: Motor Yacht

Manufacturer: Harland & Wolff, Belfast

Date of launch: 29 April 1934


Date of completion: 22 May 1934

Length: c. 33m

Weight: c. 150 tonnes

Hull: stainless steel

Engines: Twin diesel engines driving twin stainless steel drive shafts and propellors.

IOM: 163209

Call sign: MBVQ

Date owner Name Port

1934 Alan Craig ‘Idalia’ Belfast, Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club

1935 Ida Craig ‘Idalia’ Belfast, Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club

1936 Sir H. R. Dennis ‘Idalia’ Royal London Yacht Club, Cowes

1947 Frederick Hodges ‘Idalia’ Belfast

1950 George B. Butler ‘Idalia’ Belfast

1951 Rev. Fred Cubbon Greeba Douglas, Isle of Man

1956 Herman Anton Andreae ‘Idalia’ Belfast?

1959 4th Viscount Camrose ‘Idalia’ Southampton

1970s Hi-Tech Corporation ‘Alicia Dawn’ Southampton?

1980s Owner unknown Endeavour Location unknown

1994 Owner unknown Balmoral Port Harcourt, Nigeria


‘Idalia’ was built for Alan Craig a rich whiskey distiller in Belfast.

He died when inspecting and preparing the completed craft and was buried on the day he had planned his first trip, 22 May 1934.

His wife sold the yacht soon afterwards, and any further record is very brief with little detail.

Her engines were replaced in 1944 and also we believe again in the last 30 years.

‘Idalia’ was based in Southampton from 1959.

In the 1970s she belonged to a company called Hi Tech Corp with her name changed to ‘Alicia Dawn’.

Her superstructure was rebuilt in the 1980s and may appear quite different to the original build.

The photographs here show her on the slipway and during sea trials.

The last report of her was in May 2011 when she was at Port Harcourt.

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