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Autumn and Winter

France, autumn and winter, the South West at Durfour in the lee of the Montains Noir.

I’m poorly and staying with my cousin Maureen and her husband Michel Boyer.
Autumn and winter seem to be arm in arm here in the South of the Tarn this year.
It’s cold here today, 2 C, they won’t let me out of the house.
I’ve never been so well cared for or so well fed.
This touches my heart and reminds me of the warmth and generosity I grew up with and that radiated, still does, from my wider family with the sole exceptions of my second wife, evil step brother and nasty sister.
There are green leaves on some trees, others offer autumn golds while the nearby mountains adopt their snow caps. 🙂⚓
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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