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Titanic in Print

Titanic’s Plymouth Harbour, it looks like this remarkable painting will be offered this year as a print in a choice of three sizes.

Titanic, the 'Plymouth Harbour' the painting
Titanic, the ‘Plymouth Harbour’ painting

79.5 x 172 cm (31 3/5″ x 68″) this definitive replica painting, soon to be offered in print in a choice of 3 sizes, is for sale, available. No reasonable offer refused.


Titanic was scheduled to regularly sail to Plymouth, England.

This painting shows the Plymouth Approaches as the original artist imagined passengers arriving on board Titanic would see England as the Titanic entered Plymouth Sound.

This “Plymouth Harbour” sails on to become an addition to the brief life and long story, Titanic’s story and can be yours.

Plymouth Harbour”

Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour’ is meticulously researched and reproduced for the first and only time as correct to the last wave and seagull, this is the definitive reproduction.

This awesome painting, Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour’ measures exactly as the original painting in every detail and is presented on matching canvas with the same sort of paint used by the original and famous artist, Norman Wilkinson when commissioned by the White Star Line, owners of the Titanic.

The ‘Plymouth Harbour’ painting was researched in great detail and painted in collaboration with the distinguished Titanic author of 3 books on the subject, Tim Maltin.

Together we produced over 50 pages of research then collaborated closely as the new painting emerged.You can discover more on my website page 


This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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