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Beach Paintings Progress

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Beach Paintings continuing the theme of a new beginning, here is a second of the new paintings previously mentioned.

Beach painting
Beach paintings

61 x 38 cm (24″ x15″), ‘Sirènes plage de la Mine d’Or’, ‘‘Mermaids,  Beach of the Mine of Gold’.

Beach paintings; I’ve chosen a popular size,  as this size suits almost any home, office or public building like an hotel.
I prefer to create larger paintings as larger offers the painter more possibilities for developing the composition and colours.
Again the basic composition is in place and set with yellow ochre.
With each of the new paintings I’ll be employing different painting techniques.

This time as you see here, the ‘white’ areas are disappearing under a base colour which will also help establish the tonal values of this new painting.
Now I can see what I have here, further refinements to the composition in particular the figures are under consideration before the next stage of painting which is to continue masking in the underpainting.
I plan to employ very different techniques for some of the other paintings in this mini series and have the advantage of being able to return to the locations, even finish them on the locations, if I so choose.
This is one of six new paintings I have started, four beach scenes, one landscape and to be a major work, a new Trafalgar painting commissioned by the excellent historian and video maker ‘Drachinifel’.
More about our Drachinfel collaboration soon, much more !!!
Gordon Frickers signature , paintings ©.
Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings ©.