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Ukraine authorities say seized Russian tanks don’t need to be declared on tax form.

(Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP)
Great sense of humour from the #Ukraine government during this crisis; but then their #President is Jewish so it’s to be expected.🙂
💥“Have you captured a Russian tank or armoured personnel carrier 👍and are worried about how to declare it😑? Keep calm and continue to defend the motherland!” Ukraine’s National Agency for the Protection against Corruption (NAPC) said, according to the Ukraine arm of the Interfax news service”🙂.

Which reminds me

I need to change my car.
Given how many French people drive, a tank, if the price is right, could be a good idea !

🎨 Ukraine

On a more serious personal note, my paternal ancestors lived in the Ukraine near Kiev.
There from the time of the Roman War 63 A D, when forced to leave our homeland until approximately 1904.
My Father passed to me no bad stories about the Ukraine people.
My family did though he said, suffer severe pogroms by Cossacks and my grandfather was enslaved by the Russian (Czarist) army.
After 3 years he escaped.
Heading for the USA, he found a new life in London.
That said in my dealings with Russians starting as far back as my student days, I’ve received nothing but courtesy and generosity.
I found most are well educated and their aspirations are similar to westerners.
Which I think makes the present miscalculation by #Putin, his insane desire to re subjugate the countries freed by Gorbachev, doubly trajic.😒⚓️
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