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Delightful visitors here all day Sunday !

Unfortunately my Oppo (Chinese made I discovered to late) phone is refusing to share the photos I took so only one is posted here to share with you.
French family I’ve known for quite a while visited for the day.
We met when we all lived in the Tarn !
A delightful day passed with Alex & Manu, their two children Neils and Abie, and their young Border Collie Heidi.

They arrived at 11.45 with a huge bottle of beer from a new brewery they had been ‘inspecting’.
They live in the Vendée about 1.hr 45 minutes drive South of here, and also ‘donated’ a bottle of very drinkable English sparkling wine, yes English wine.
Oh yes and a cake for our dessert.
I gave them several ‘souvenirs’, notably an ‘disgustingly’ large box of very English chocolates and a small tent for the children.
For lunch I made based around a roast chicken stuffed with chestnuts, onion and rose (Lautrec) garlic , and of course, some very good wines, while the children discovered Roses Lime cordial and Ribena Blackcurrant cordial.
Those went down well.
We had a long walk in the countryside here and later among other things my ball kicking improved using a blue squeekie ball about the size of a tennis ball, in my garden, for the delight of Heidi.
They eventually left at 19.30.
I guess that was a good sign?
They now would like to be here when on the 15 th of April I make a Sedder Night and Alex thinks I too should have a Border Collie …
For sure I slept well and felt much better today both physically and of my moral.
Last week I finished THE Vilaine Sunrise painting.
I’ll show you that for my next post here.
A landscape, a view with ‘my’ village in the distance.
Now I’m about to start a commission, another Trafalgar scene, “Victory breaking the Line), for Drachs, fine fellow who makes very good history videos for Utube.
Spring has arrived and the weather here is this week pushing towards 20 C (72 F) and very sunny with cool light breezes, near ideal, vive la France !🙂⚓️
Gordon Frickers signature , paintings ©.
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