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Prints, Roaring Forties

Roaring Forties today, both pages given a major overhaul making it much easier to buy your copy, your own PRINT,

of this fabulous, famous and awesome painting.

Roaring Forties, the print, co-signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

The first solo nonstop circumnavigation, “Suhaili” & Robin Knox-Johnston, 16 December 1968, deep in “Roaring Forties”, The Great Southern Ocean.

Exhibited at the European Parliament, May 2011.

Today “Roaring Forties” is one of Robin’s most treasured possessions.

“Our efforts with the painting were highly successful”: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.


The Print:

A real piece of yachting history, signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and the artist, reproduced using inks the manufacturer guarantees under normal circumstances for 70 years plus, created with master printer Alan Tooze of Plymouth.

A number limited edition, when the last one has sold that’s it, no more, buy now while you have the chance, from the PRINT page .

By Credit card via Paypal, order a copy of this famous painting “Roaring Forties” signed by this living legend, from my web site page Marine Print Gallery

or opt to purchase bank to bank, ask for details.

Standard size print of “Knox-Johnston, “Roaring Forties”
image size: 50 x 34 cm (19½” x 13½”)

Signed print £187  
Signed print with Remarque £267 
Large size print of “Knox-Johnston, “Roaring Forties”
image size: 73 x 49 cm (28½” x 19½”)

Signed print £307 
Signed print with Remarque £387

The standard (£187) is impressive, the large (£307) is awesome…

Robin wrote to me, “I would love another Frickers painting” and went on to order two more, “The Clipper Way” and one of his first ship, “Dumra departing Bombay“.

Available co signed by Robin Knox-Johnson, on canvas for the look and feel of the real thing, as a signed limited edition print from £187 inc postage.

“Iconic” wrote Dick Durham when Editor, Yachting Monthly.

Many distinguished people and renowned companies have chosen Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

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