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Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson of the Jubilee Sailing Trust needs funds very urgently.

The Lord Nelson which was the idea of a school teacher Christopher Rudd.
Launch of the Lord Nelson
STS Lord Nelson is currently languishing in Bristol docks, named after our most famous disabled sailor.
I still have this painting.
It’s on this website (see Nelson and Trafalgar) and if sold I’d be pleased to make a generous donation to the JST, to save the ship or to the Seafarer’s Charity.
🎨It would be a sad day for Britain if such a worth trust is closed and the ship lost.
‘Lord Nelson’ has served very well over many years.
I knew Chris Rudd well.
Chris visited my studio in Plymouth quite a few times.
I thought him a man to be admired🙂.
As you can see here I was present at the launch of the ship and painted the picture here on the location ‘plien aire’ with the BBC filming me. All good publicity for the JST I’m happy to say.
It was set up to build a tall ship to enable disabled people, men & women 16 years old to 100 years old from 24 different disabilities, to experience along with able bodied buddies the challenge of crewing a tall ship at sea.
Over the next 8 years JST volunteers raised £3 million to build the ship and provide the opportunity for the disabled.
In 2019 after sending nearly 50,000 crew to sea covid has taken its toll and by this Thursday unless they raise £500 00 the Trust will close.
Lord Nelson will likely be scrapped unless a buyer can be found.
She needs refurbishment and can sail onto a long future.
I personally would love to see her bought for the armed forces and used for our disabled and able bodied servicemen and women.
To sail along with the Royal Navy as Great Britain’s official tall ship as we are the only maritime nation without an official tall ship.
The photograph below  shows STS Lord Nelson sailing alongside STS Lady Nelson in Tasmania during her round world voyage by disabled crew of all nations.
The JST has its second ship to continue with if they raise funds by Thursday 14th April. But STS Lord Nelson could and should be saved for this country.
May be an image of outdoors and text that says "LORD NELSON JUBILEES ILING TRUST"
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