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Golden Hind questions

Golden Hind Questions, as commanded by Captain Francis Drake.

Golden Hind, storm off Cape Horn

Do you fancy helping with some research?


Our research can be fun and you would do a good deed.

You can help the ship’s team and me to raise awareness of the Golden Hinde as an educational resource and in part you can assist with raising funds for her very necessary rigging overhaul.

You can help the Golden Hinde

add authority to the new paintings by aiding me to connect with interested groups, societies and individuals such as The Drake Navigators Guild of California.

Together we may be able to access and review source material to create a wider, better appreciation of Francis Drake as a navigator, commander and very human Protestant as well as of life in England during his era.

Golden Hind off Cape Horn

I propose we also aim to raise funds via the use of 3 new paintings and their eventual sale, as I have done for other ships including HMS Victory, for this remarkable ship’s continued preservation.

Golden Hind Red Arrows wheels down salute, photo GSA Frickers.

Golden Hinde

among other things stared in the Emmy winning mini series Shogun filmed entirely in Japan and based upon the best selling novel by James Clavell who oversaw the filming.

After the filming our Golden Hinde, this ship, in the wake of her illustrious predecessor THE Golden Hind (1577 to 1580) completed her own circumnavigation.

You can see the Shogun Trailer 1980 on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SICVgzYnNY&list=PLGiWWLsexfwaFVVvQWWiZAEMoZFwNjohD and help us preserve this fine old ship.

Sir Francis Drake
Sir Francis Drake on Plymouth Hooe

You can visit the ship at St Mary Overie’s Dock, Cathedral St, London SE1 9DE, T: +44 20 7403 0123. W: https://www.goldenhinde.co.uk/

Shogun is a bestselling chronicle of a 17th century English navigator who becomes shipwrecked off the coast of Japan, where he eventually becomes a Samurai warrior.

Some authorities say Shogun is the greatest adventure novel ever written.

My interest is due to a connection with the ship that goes right back to when she was building and I lived at Plymouth for 25 years.

Sir Francis Drake
Sir Francis Drake on Plymouth Hoe

Golden Hinde Today

is open to the public as an educational resource.

She is laid up in a berth on the south Bank of the river Thames, in London, quite near where the original ship was preserved by order of Queen Elizabeth I.

Golden Hinde is unlikely to sail again due to changes in safety regulations.

To comply would mean some drastic changes to the appearance of the ship which the present managers with whom I am cooperating, think would spoil her authentic appearance.

I agree with them.

Do you agree?

The landing at Cape Horn proved to be one of the most important geographic discoveries made on this trip for a number of reasons.

As Fletcher indicated in his logbook, the discovery of this wide ocean dispelled the long-held belief in Terra Incognita, a mythical continent below the Magellan Strait; instead, there was nothing but broken islands “encompassed with sea on every side”.

Cape Horn

This open sea extended into the Atlantic Ocean, and would eventually make the voyage between much easier. However, this discovery was not known generally until many years after Drake’s death, as England did not wish to impart such information to her enemies.

The Golden Hind (distinguished from the original ship which is named Golden Hinde, was commanded by Captain Francis Drake and made a very remarkable circumnavigation.

Built at Appledore in Devon by the Hicks family, people I knew well, she is by far the best replica of the original Golden Hind.

Golden Hind will forever remain the second European ship to achieve this feat and she did this with some considerable elan.

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