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Painting Secret

Marine Painting a secret gift and a beautiful story to share.

.😇😊Un tableau secret et une belle histoire à partager.

Marine painting as a secret.

This marine #painting was a total surprise and produced tears when it was presented😶, tears of joy.😀 Cette peinture marine a été une surprise totale a fait couler des larmes lors de sa présentation😶, des larmes de joie.

This maritime painting I created in great secrecy 🤫🫣 Cette peinture maritime a été réalisée dans le plus grand secret. 😮🤫

Maritime paintings of yachts, 50 x 40 cm (20″ x 16″).

For this marine painting a group of friends clubbed together to commission and pay for this maritime painting as a gift. Pour cette peinture marine, un groupe d’amis s’est réuni pour commander et payer cette peinture maritime en guise de cadeau.

This maritime painting was a surprise to be completed confidentially, framed and turned out to be a grand success. Cette peinture maritime était une surprise à réaliser en toute confidentialité, avec une tirage, et s’est avérée être un grand succès.

Paintings as a gift

How was this achieved? One of the friends was elected my contact.

He asked for the yacht to be shown off The Needles, a famous landmark, in a fresh breeze with the owners identifiable which discussed and agreed a plan of action.

We worked together to create a design his group approved and he supplied answers and photographs which have enabled me to paint an accurate portrayal of the yacht and the couple who own and love this beautiful boat.

Maritime painting as a surprise.

I’m sometimes asked to paint confidentially, to produce a painting in secret, to be a surprise gift. La peinture maritime comme surprise, on me demande parfois de peindre confidentiellement, de réaliser une peinture en secret, d’être un cadeau surprise.

Another beautiful moment.

I did this for example for the Ministry of Defence with my painting of the frigate Admiralante Condell leaving Portsmouth back in 2008. the story is on my page Frigate departing Portsmouth https://frickers.co.uk/art/marine-and-maritime-paintings/warship-maritime-paintings/frigate-departing-portsmouth/.

Admiral Condell
Admiralante Condell leaving Portsmouth 2008

Condell was produced in secrecy with the full cooperation of Royal Navy staff, Portsmouth Dockyard and the MoD & BAE Systems personnel.

The frigate Condell marine painting went down a real treat. The Chileans were very impressed and Capt Cruz the commanding officer was over the moon and said he was going to have it welded to the wardroom bulkhead so none of the Admirals, and there were six Chilean Admirals present, could get their fingers on it!” Captain John Simkins wrote the above. A director, the Chief Executive, Disposal Services Agency of the Ministry of Defense he wrote after the presentation of this completed piece of marine art, a commission and surprise for the Chilean Navy.

Paintings make brilliant gifts ! Les peintures font des cadeaux géniaux !

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