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Dusk and photography.

Dusk and photography as an inspiration for poetry, songs and paintings.

Moon at sunset.

Dusk and photography reminds me of my years at Art Colleges, Maidstone then Medway, now both a part of Kent University.

My first two years at Art College were general art studies, wide ranging studies from life drawing to history of Art. I then studied Photography for advertising, fashion and the press for three years emerging with a diploma in “Visual Communication”.

These days this is a degree course so I’ve been promoted?

Photography has proven to be a very useful skill, a great way to make friends and a part of many of my adventures.

I’ll write more on this subject in my forthcoming book as for me photography remains profitable, a pleasure and a passion, a significant part of my life.

Sincere thanks to all who awakened, supported and taught me the many skills of a professional photographer and a professional painter.

Gordon Frickers signature
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings ©.