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MAIDEN UK, already famous with it’s all women crews, does it again 🥳

Yacht paintings
Ice Maiden, Maiden a record breaking all female crew captained by Tracy Edwards.

This time in the McIntyre Ocean Globe race, the direct descendent of the Whitbread Round the World Race.
Whitbread History Comes Full Circle with Maiden’s Triumphant Return Home to UK!

The yachts race on a handicap system so we await the final result however only hours Separate Maiden UK from Triana FR for IRC Gold.
Discover more via www.oceangloberace.com.

Famous yacht paintings
MAIDEN UK does it again !

It was my pleasure and privilege to create the painting “Ice Maiden”.
Actually I’ve painted quite a few of the famous circumnavigations an long distant voyages including “Roaring Forties” for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston & “First Race First Victory for Yamaha.

Famous Maritime Paintings
Golden Globe Race, Robin Knox-Johnston, ‘Roaring Forties’.
Famous Whitbread pictures & paintings
Yamaha entering the Solent on the final sprint to win the Whitbread

Ice Maiden was painted on speculation as the poet in me felt it needed to be done the painting was eventually sold to Maiden’s first skipper the redoubtable Tracy Edwards.
The story is on my website.
I have one framed and one unframed print left here, available via my website page https://frickers.co.uk/art/new-marine-print-gallery/ and of I’d consider serious suggestions to paint other famous yachts.🙂⚓

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