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Amorique is this big steel ‘block of flats’ as in the ‘Amorique’ of Brittany Ferries.

Amorique is as ferries go she is a rather nice, comfortable ship to travel on.
Today she is scheduled to cross the English Channel from Roscoff to Plymouth with me as one of her passengers.🚙⛴🍷🍽🍷.
I’m doing some traveling myself today.
Théhillac to Citadel Road, Plymouth so I am rather distracted with my own ‘narcissistic’ affairs at present.

Last time a sailed to England on board Amorique, post Brexit England it took me 3 days to get my pc & phone working & a week for my Lloyds debit card. I’m typing with my fingers crossed while praying for better luck this time !
I have a lot of ‘business’ affairs to attend to and I’m quietly confident, some adventures in the near future too.

Wish you where here …🙂⚓️

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