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Titanic and A dead parrot?

This insight into how I work will interest some of you.

I’m trying to get the attention of BBC Spotlight, their Independent TV competitors, regional news papers and journals.

It’ rather like banging one’s head on a wall, not fun because for example, many of the email addresses & phone numbers (Spotlight etc) given on the Internet – do not are work; are x=do not work, are “dead Parrot’s” 🙃🥹😆

Here’s the message in it’s entirety.

If you have a contact, kindly forward this, thank you 😀

Dear Sir / Madam,

Did you know that the world’s most famous ship, The Titanic, has a Plymouth connection?

Here’s the basis of the story for you.

You may recall, The Titanic was in the news again last week with a gold watch story, in reality, Titanic is a never ending story.

The Titanic is the world’s most famous ship, ask anyone to name one ship. Odds are they will name the Titanic first.

However, very few people know Titanic has a Plymouth connection, she was scheduled to make her first regular British port of call at Plymouth.

This is a nice opportunity for you to publish a unique storey and naturally you may find other uses for this story.

I can provide texts, illustrations and an interview if that helps you.

I have a new old ‘Titanic’ painting, a full size reconstruction “correct to the last seagull and wave top”, of the largest, most prominent masterpiece on board Titanic, ‘Plymouth Harbour’.

This is THE definitive reconstruction, all previous efforts including the painting made for the last Titanic film contain numerous errors.

The original was commissioned by The White Star Line to promote Britain as a destination, from the famous painter Norman Wilkinson.

There are lots of good paintings OF the Titanic; none like this painting though.

This painting shows a view FROM the Titanic not OF the Titanic.

The number of people who don’t understand and misinterpret the painting has surprised me.

I have a solution …

However here’s the main story in very brief form.

All that remains of the original painting is a low quality photocopy of an amateur b/W photo so getting this ‘spot on’ was an adventure in itself.

This new painting is a full size, 172 x 80 cm (67½” x 31½”) an exceptional reconstruction that will never be repeated or matched, “correct to the last wave top and seagull” of the largest masterpiece lost with the Titanic.

This painting has it’s own story.

To enable people to fully appreciate the painting I have described it in brief on my website on one page (https://frickers.co.uk/…/marine…/ports/titanic-plymouth/) ,

and with a second page of 4000 words (https://frickers.co.uk/…/tita…/titanic-plymouth-further/) as yet not fully illustrated, describing in detail the very considerable research, the details and the why this painting very exceptional.

This second page is for those who wish to know more.

I was chosen for this challenge because in the words of Tim Maltin, the author of 3 Titanic books, “you are the best marine painter in the world today and no artist knows Plymouth and it’s harbours as you do”.

I’m not quite sure what to do with this painting which will undoubtedly become a celebrated part of Titanic’s story, which obviously merits a worthy home and in part because we know many people world wide use my website as a resource including schools, universities, journals and authors.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to ask me.

I’m visiting the S W until Sunday morning after which it will be ‘catch who can’.

I thank you for your time and consideration,


Gordon Frickers.


T: 06 1066 1926. My mobile is French so you may need the International code 0033 or use Whatsapp which is free. GF

www.frickers.co.uk/art maritime & aviation art www.artfrickers.com landscapes & portraits.

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