Delightful visitors here all day Sunday !

Unfortunately my Oppo (Chinese made I discovered to late) phone is refusing to share the photos I took so only one is posted here to share with you.
French family I’ve known for quite a while visited for the day.
We met when we all lived in the Tarn !
A delightful day passed with Alex & Manu, their two children Neils and Abie, and their young Border Collie Heidi.

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Mayragues, Château, Castle

Today’s agenda included a visit to the 12 th century Château Mayrages. Also to see my friend, proprietor Alan Geddes, in part to buy some of their fabulous wine. 53 x 81 cm (21” x 32”), available £ 2,000, Discover more via my page ‘Gaillac Chataeux’ Mayragues is documented to have been wine making … Read more


Tarn on the turn.

The Tarn sky is telling us, after many bright warm days rain and colder weather.
Tarn near Laborie, Gaillac
Exercise and fresh air, a Sunday afternoon stroll near Gaillac in the North Tarn, maybe the last chance for a few days or more.
Tarn autumn near Laborie, Gaillac

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France …

A beautiful and mild day at #Gaillac in the Tarn department, #France . I was researching to prepare a new #painting , with Charles, Count de Noblet et d’Angelure, and including making new friends. More about the new painting soon.


Tarn department (81), Gaillac, a change of scene today. 60 x 92 cm (24″ x 36″), available £2,000. > here bank to bank or with your credit card Purchase Now  < via Paypal, in any currency, or in instalments by arrangement, contact Gordon Frickers. Driving to one of my most favourite places, Gaillac. Wish you … Read more


Fog and sunrise a  view from my bedroom window this morning and typical of this autumn. The weather here this year has been quite unusual with this autumn most days, unusually mild, dry with foggy mornings and warm sunny afternoons. Climate change or just, unusual, you tell me?🙂⚓

Painters Three

Painters, artists together, three artists Christine Prisot, painter, poetese,  Margo Le Gall painter, and I think you can guess who else… artists sharing an late autumn late afternoon randonée and wide ranging conversations at Férel, France. Here too is a hint of the beauty of southern Brittany, an area most tourists pass without stopping.