Autumn”A man shall have his seasons as a leaf upon a tree” : should be a painting ! from a traditional English folk song often played in East Sussex when I lived there building boats. I don’t recall the title of the song. I made this photograph a few years astern while living in the … Read more


Beach picnic yesterday with a couple of my neighbours 😃. Given a summer that many here in France call the worst they can remember, an invitation to picnic with the weather this week is just toooooo tempting to ignore.😉🙂 Now this morning, back to catching up on tasks delayed by the computer virus my p … Read more

Rock, toes, sand, salt

I ‘reduced sail’ today, light duties, I’ve not much energy.

Plage d'Or
Plage d’Or 17.07.21
A lethargic day 30 C (86F) here so started thinking about sand and salt water between my toes.
This in part because of my second vaccination yesterday at the pharmacy on quai Surcoff, Redon.
🏴‍☠️Surcoff 🏴‍☠️being a much celebrated French 🇫🇷 (Brittany) ‘privateer’ during the good old bad days !
🏴‍☠️Most of his ‘victims’ being 🇬🇧 British merchant ships …
Plage d'Or, Brittany
Plage d’Or, Brittany

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Chinese Nosh

My Dad would have called this ‘Chinese Nosh’ so maybe it’s Chinese with Jewish undertones?

Chinese nosh
My ‘artist’s impression’ of Chinese nosh, a Chinese dinner.
Seemed to me like a good idea for a relatively chilly evening outside.
Not brill, not bad, quite quick to make (40 minutes?) edible if washed down well.
Shutters closed, house snugged down, I chose a favourite of mine, a wine that is cool, pale amber, a luminous white with a delicate scent.
This is a wine with aromas of citrus and white flowers.
Subtle and delicious in the mouth, Chevalier de Fauvert, Comté Tolosan.
A good companion for my attempt at Chinese nosh.

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Debarquement Normandie

Normandy, on this day 6 June in 1944, the debarquement Normandie. In France this day, the Invasion of Normandy, Operation Overlord, is commemorated in style every year, our French friends do not forget their brave allies. Here is a previously unpublished photograph of four of those men. They don’t look like Hollywood heroes do they? … Read more


Wish you where here.

A neighourly meal that did not go quite as planned, before the third lockdown here in France.
Unusual for me …😄, I had prepared on time and by request, a traditional British roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and gravy, roast potatos and fresh green veggies 🙂.

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Orange, I’m seeing red !
Following a long conversation with the unhelpful help line I’m advised I need a new phone even though the present phone was bought from Orange, March 2018.
Special NOTICE : 23.02.2021 : To contact me email is best at present, I’ve problems receiving and sending via my mobile phone.
🏴‍☠️My mobile is refusing to update & has lost Whatsapp. 🏴

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