Do you find trouble rarely arrives alone😳?

Like this for example🤨:
My shower decided to shower upwards while the ceiling paint clearly upset by this and trying to set an good example, started to peel off and shower down.
I’m no plumber however even I know showers are more effective showering down.
Remove the head, let it dry, squeeze the calcium out of each rubber nozzle then soak the head in warm white vinegar for 5 hours.
Important, remember to reattach shower head before trying to take another shower).

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Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson of the Jubilee Sailing Trust needs funds very urgently. The Lord Nelson which was the idea of a school teacher Christopher Rudd. STS Lord Nelson is currently languishing in Bristol docks, named after our most famous disabled sailor. I still have this painting. It’s on this website (see Nelson and Trafalgar) and if … Read more


Delightful visitors here all day Sunday !

Unfortunately my Oppo (Chinese made I discovered to late) phone is refusing to share the photos I took so only one is posted here to share with you.
French family I’ve known for quite a while visited for the day.
We met when we all lived in the Tarn !
A delightful day passed with Alex & Manu, their two children Neils and Abie, and their young Border Collie Heidi.

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Vilaine paintings

Painting ‘wet on wet’, how do you do that?

Vilaine paintings
Vilaine Sunrise unfinished, 17.03.22

81 x 51 cm (32″ x 20″), oils, available for sale.

Following on my posts of 14 March & 16th, here is the next ‘stage’ in the development of this painting.
Wet on wet, a technique full of little surprises, best suited to oil painting is fun as one is never in complete control.

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🎨An Orange’ day here today, the Sahara comes to Théhillac, so much dust on the patio I had to sweep it clean.
Sahara dust
No photoshop here, this is real ‘wisiwig’.
Sahara orange
What you see is what you get.
My studio, Théhillac,
By way of comparison I include a photo taken on a ‘normal’ day here.

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Ukraine authorities say seized Russian tanks don’t need to be declared on tax form.

(Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP)
Great sense of humour from the #Ukraine government during this crisis; but then their #President is Jewish so it’s to be expected.🙂
💥“Have you captured a Russian tank or armoured personnel carrier 👍and are worried about how to declare it😑? Keep calm and continue to defend the motherland!” Ukraine’s National Agency for the Protection against Corruption (NAPC) said, according to the Ukraine arm of the Interfax news service”🙂.

Which reminds me

I need to change my car.
Given how many French people drive, a tank, if the price is right, could be a good idea !

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