The following may interest you and other people, copy and share, every little helps the #UkraineUnderAttack : Superyachts at 5,000 tons gross plus are larger than most cargo ships during World War II and bigger than most coasters today… At 10000 tons, they are larger than most WW 2 warships ! They’d make good … Read more


Wet n windy here today in southern Brittany. A South West gale blustering in over the beaches and cliffs of the cote Savage, while my barometer is steady at 1015 which suggests more rain to come. The temperature is mild for February, 13C (55.4 F) with fine rain, a fine misty rain which reminds me … Read more

RAC Insurance

RAC insurance, a dirty business. “RAC Fraud 11.02.2022 I messaged the RAC today via their website as follows Fraud by the RAC Insurance department. In the past 5 weeks I have had 5 times, money taken from my Lloyds account without my authorisation. This is fraud & theft. I’ve spoken at length with my bank … Read more

Fraud !

BISL RAC Insurance / Lloyds Bank. On five separate occasions in the past 4 weeks #BISL #RAC #Insurance have taken money from my account without my authorisation. My complaint by phone to Lloyds Bank got the following reaction. “Yes it’s naughty of them, there is a lot of this going on”. I replied ” Naughty? … Read more

Robin Knox-Johnston

A salute to a great and modest man, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

If you have not already seen this I can not recommend to highly this entire video which I sailed into by chance this evening.
Robin has been and continues to be a very fine example of a real man, an inspiration world wide to thousands possibly millions including me.
Robin has been a considerable influence in my life.

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Sea Paintings

Sea paintings meaning water in all it’s elusive forms.

Sea painting is not easy and I’m sometimes asked “can you teach me to paint the sea?” so stand by, I’m writting a book about this, my life and adventures.
Sea Paintings
Sea Painting
This Beach painting, 38 x 48 cm (15″ x 19″) is available for £550.
Many people regard painting the sea as the ultimate painting challenge.
I’ll include many valuable hints and tips in the new book I’m writing now.
Beware, there is a lot of bad advice readily available in particular on the Internet.
You want to paint water, the sea and oceans?

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Nelson’s Frigates

Nelson’s Frigates, a progress report on this painting which is maturing nicely when compared with October past when I last showed the painting’s progress. 53 x 91.5 cm (21″ x 36″) Nelson’s Frigates for sale, available when completed, soon, good painting takes time, great painting takes longer. Offers from £ 14,000. This frigate action A Nelson moment an … Read more

Google Idiots

Google Stupidity. Is your mobile phone 100 % reliable everywhere all the time? Google thinks it is. It is bad enough that Google discriminates by giving SEO low ratings to websites like my two sites while blatantly promoting the ‘big boys’ who can afford to pay staff to ensure their business has a high SEO … Read more


Hanukah, Chanukah, Hanukkah, lights of the final evening of 2021 lit for this joyous minor festival that celebrates freedom from oppression and persecution.

The origin of Hanukah is some 2,300 years old.
There is no ‘official’ English spelling for this Hebrew word although the history is clearly recorded.
Hanukah is a time for families to gather, relate the story, for the giving of gifts especially for children and the poor, the disposed, the hungry.

Hanukah, Chanukah, Hanukkah today