Race Galleon, English

Galleon, English, or more commonly called an ‘English Race Galleon’ circa 1620 bearing away to the West off Plymouth.

Race Galleon, English
Galleon, English, circa 1620
Painting 40 x 63 cm (15 3/4″ x 25 3/4″), oils, for sale, £2,500.
Almost complete and available from my website page

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Black Lives Matter?

Drake and slavery

Knocking down statues has become the ‘in’ thing among part of our population.

Now- Wow we have a proposal to knock off Sir Francis Drake, remove his statue from Plymouth Hoe.

'Golden Hinde'
Drake’s ‘Golden Hinde’

If you disagree I suggest you sign the petition to keep the statue on site in place.

We might as well knock down the Pyramids as they were allegedly built by slave labour.

Such vandalism would be bad for tourism !

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