Sunrise, Vilaine

Sunrise through vapours, first day of spring, river and marshes of the Vilaine, here you can followed the development of this painting,

“ Lever de soleil à travers les vapeurs, le premier jour du printemps, la rivière  et marais du Vilaine.”
Vilaine Sunrise
Sunrise through vapours, river Vilaine

81 x 51 cm (32″ x 20″), oils, this #painting  available for sale, 1,200 £.

This image follows on my posts of 14th, 18th and 19th of March which allowed you to follow the development and techniques employed to create this sort of painting while I demonstrated ‘wet on wet’ painting techniques 🎨:
Sunrise, Vilaine, the final development, the completed painting ‘Vilaine Sunrise’.
“La rivière Vilaine, lever de soleil à travers les vapeurs, le premier jour du printemps.”

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🎨An Orange’ day here today, the Sahara comes to Théhillac, so much dust on the patio I had to sweep it clean.
Sahara dust
No photoshop here, this is real ‘wisiwig’.
Sahara orange
What you see is what you get.
My studio, Théhillac,
By way of comparison I include a photo taken on a ‘normal’ day here.

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Chic or what?

Château de Mayragues
Chic or what?
Château de Mayragues
Château de Mayragues
Not many people 😶 can offer their guests fine rare wines and have a painting of the château on their dinning room wall.
Chateau de Mayragues
Chateau de Mayragues
I can, you could 😃🙂 by buying paintings and following my wine recommendations.

 53 x 81 cm (21” x 32”), available, £2,500.

yours now £ bank to bank or by credit card Purchase Now < via Paypal, in any currency, or in instalments by arrangement, contact Gordon Frickers.

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Drawing and design

Drawing the birth of a new painting, shown here for those of you who like to follow the painting process and progress. These drawings are concept sketches created while developing ideas with my client. You are witnessing the birth of a new painting, developing via sketches, a painting that is quite likely to become locally … Read more

Woofers and Woodlands

Woofers welcome to the woodlands, tweeters too.

This winter and next season my good friend Hervé Boitel will be opening his estate for you to discover.

Hervé Boitel’s home is situated in the remote valley of Cassanis near Gaillac in the Tarn department, S W France.

There is plenty to do and see for those who fancy a rural work out, so much more satisfying than a gym,  that is actually useful.

There is no shortage of wildlife, birds in particular around the woodlands and ponds … there is also the surrounding countryside rich with nature trails, bastides to explore and a lively social life.

Ideal for a vacation with a difference.

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France …

A beautiful and mild day at #Gaillac in the Tarn department, #France . I was researching to prepare a new #painting , with Charles, Count de Noblet et d’Angelure, and including making new friends. More about the new painting soon.

Painters Three

Painters, artists together, three artists Christine Prisot, painter, poetese,  Margo Le Gall painter, and I think you can guess who else… artists sharing an late autumn late afternoon randonée and wide ranging conversations at Férel, France. Here too is a hint of the beauty of southern Brittany, an area most tourists pass without stopping.  

Chinese Nosh up

Time for a proper meal, which are your favourites?

Following on a succession of ’emergency suppers’ due to being over tired this evening I made a nice chicken sweet n sour with lightly stir fried veggies, mostly bamboo shoots and bean sprouts with ‘Imperial gold’ Basmati rice made the Iranian way with slight Frickers G ‘improvements’.

As usual I made to much nosh, any volunteers to help eat this?

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Saint Emilion

Saint Emilion

Sainte Emilion, new painting !

“The King’s Tower”, the sentinel, 40 x 61 cm (16″ x 24″) £ 1,400

Saint Emilion
Sainte Emilion, painting

One of the Bordeaux Famous Wine Villages Collection, a beautiful series yet to be exhibited in public.
Now here is an opportunity for you, exhibit
these paintings with products of the region !

“The most famous name in red wine”, a name above all springs to mind … and palate, Saint Emilion. 

Many distinguished people and renowned companies have chosen Frickers paintings.

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Lunch out !

9th June, the bars and restaurants have opened in France.
This is including here in Théhillac (pronounced Tay’ack).
Sadly many will never open again, victims of Corvid 19.
Happily my nice neighbours proposed a lunch together on the bar rear terrace. that went very well !

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