Wet n windy here today in southern Brittany. A South West gale blustering in over the beaches and cliffs of the cote Savage, while my barometer is steady at 1015 which suggests more rain to come. The temperature is mild for February, 13C (55.4 F) with fine rain, a fine misty rain which reminds me … Read more


Tarn department (81), Gaillac, a change of scene today. 60 x 92 cm (24″ x 36″), available £2,000. > here bank to bank or with your credit card Purchase Now  < via Paypal, in any currency, or in instalments by arrangement, contact Gordon Frickers. Driving to one of my most favourite places, Gaillac. Wish you … Read more

Café culture

Café Culture series, a new painting. 30.5 x 40.5 cm (12″ x 16″) so fresh it’s not even on my website yet. Café des Sports proprietor Madame Roberte Pataluch, a French national treasure, an institution. Bordeaux Paintings Series : ‘Discovering The Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux’, France, The World’s Most Renowned Wine Region. The Café … Read more

Internet on off

I’m able to use the Internet thanks to my good friend Mark, proprietor of the Hotel des Consuls here in Castelnau de Montmiral. However I’ve lots to do here, part business, part fun and games 😀   Of the latter, Castelnau de Montmiral is being prepared for a 4 night music festival starting tonight with … Read more

Castel de Brames

Thinking about life after lockdown, I strongly recommend you visit Castel de Brames.

Castel de Brames

For the rarest of fine wines, Castel de Brames.

61 x 915 cm (24″ x 36″), available, price on request.

If you can’t get there try visiting my upgraded website page
My website page and painting have both had some fine tuning so you can discover more !
Castel de Brames unique among the unique.
Rarest of fine wines
Castel de Brames, a detail


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Café anyone? First day of spring here today or so I’m told. A painting, the design being based upon a scene I sketched outside the Cafe des Sports, Gaillac. Clouds or no clouds, it’s good light for designing a painting, one of my ‘Café Culture’ series. Like to take a break? Thinking vacation? ‘Executive Displacement … Read more